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A defining name in rock ‘n’ roll, whose equipment has been trusted by some of music’s greats and whose amplifiers have delivered euphoric sounds across fields, around stadiums and bouncing off the walls in dingy nightclubs, Marshall has furthered its sonic reputation with big-sound, big-style headphones and speakers.

An earful of Marshall

The rock ‘n’ roll ethos might be more about blaring it out and scaring off the squares, but we think considerate is cool. In-ear buds come in an understated matte black, with a discreet Marshall logo in gold cursive lettering on the remote volume control. Wireless, Bluetooth connectivity on over-ear or on-ear headphones means that you can take your air-guitar antics all over the room. Choose between black, brown and cream leather on the outer material. The retro styling - met with state-of-the-art sound performance - can be followed up in your outfit with a leather jacket, big black military boots, distressed jeans and a tie dye T-shirt. Fold-in, collapsible design means that a pair of Marshall headphones are a great travel companion.

Fill the airwaves with Marshall

Depending on the tolerance of your neighbours, choose from three categories of speaker loudness: Acton, Stanmore or Woburn, or try a portable Kilburn or Stockwell model. Think about the speaker as a piece of furniture - a cream leather design looks great in a light and breezy interior such as a white-tiled kitchen or bathroom or a white-washed summer house. Black casing gives a moody, underground vibe, well-suited to a wooden living room bookcase or out in the rehearsal studio (aka garage). Volume, channel and levels are adjusted with controls, knobs, switches and dials consistent with those found on Marshall amplifiers, giving this gear some authentic rock ‘n’ roll heritage.

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