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The Marimekko Philosophy

Marimekko's philosophy about design is based on an optimistic lifestyle and a desire to create inspiration through functional and timeless design. By transforming clothing, accessories, and home decor into colourful expressions of jubilant living, their non-fashion designs spurred the world's first authentic lifestyle brands.

They are engravers at heart and aspire to bring life to objects that have been appreciated and loved for generations for their ageless appeal and mainly because every product is carefully crafted to last.

While mixing new ideas with historical inspirations from their archives, designers and guest artists don't create for any particular current event. Instead, they look to attain the essence of Marimekko, which is still contemporary many years later and immediately recognisable through their generations.

The clothes that uplifted generations of women

Much like the rest of Europe, post-war Finland, most of the women's fashion in the late '50s was monochrome and uninspired. The clothing was extremely restrictive and elegantly understated, but behind it all there was a budding desire for change.

The abstract patterns, architectural shapes and vibrant colours of the Marimekko dress have proved to be a perfect recipe for open-minded women of all sizes and ages. And it didn't take very long for the whole world to take hold of the unique Finnish brand with these recognisable prints.

Creating through community

Experimenting with printing techniques and combining this with new ideas and production methods, Marimekko works together with members of their local communities to find new and innovative ways to create their future products.They use locally sourced materials and their labour consists of mostly Finnish nationals so that they can employ more people in their region.

They believe that a thriving design community is all about inviting creative artists to collaborate with the brand. In everything they do, they firmly believe in the power that a community can hold and they know that their community has help re-model the brand over the years.