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Enter a new age of technology with Connected by Marc Jacobs. The American fashion designer’s all-modern range of watches is here to help you stay on top of your schedule - and in style.

Connected by Marc Jacobs: tap into new technology

Connected by Marc Jacobs watches are ready to start work as your PA. Designed to help you stay on top of your schedule (and your contacts list), these smart devices feature the very latest technology. Connect your timepiece to the Marc Jacobs app to keep a track of your daily goals, whether that’s learning Spanish or training for a 10K - better get those gym clothes out. The watch face will alert you when you receive a text so you’ll never forget to reply again. What’s more, you can control your music and count your steps all from these clever little devices. The chargeless battery means you never need to worry about topping up, and you can even take the perfect on-the-go selfie with the remote camera shutter activation.

Connected by Marc Jacobs: a designer touch

As well as pretty much running your world, watches from Connected by Marc Jacobs will gain you plenty of compliments. Stay smart with monochrome shades that go perfectly with your trouser-and-shirt look for the office as well as your jeans and T-shirt at the weekend. Metallic buckles and buttons give a glamorous finish to each Connected by Marc Jacobs timepiece. Every one is finished with the brand's logo on its face as a sign of quality and style.

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