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Makia clothing brand is an authentically Finnish underground clothing manufacturer, specialising in men's shirts, jumpers and jackets. Makia's focus is on producing quality and simple urban clothing deeply rooted in their home town of Punavuori in Finland. Their fantastic array of no-nonsense street wear has pushed Makia to the fore front of men's design. The rigorous construction of Makia clothing is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions of the winter season. From freezing temperatures to heavy winds, you can always trust Makia men's winter jackets to protect you from the elements. They produce excellent quality jeans, sweaters, jackets, headwear and more, so keep an eye out for what's in stock. Discover this functional and stylish clothing brand, and be part of the Makia lifestyle.

Robust urban design from Finnish brand, Makia.

You can feel the industrial roots of this stylish clothing brand, where each item is a reflection of the brands inception from their workers town in Helsinki, Finland. They produce a collection of men's shirts, winter jackets, jeans and cardigans that would appeal to the adventurous outdoor type. Exceptional quality and trend setting design make Makia men's jumpers and cardigans a desirable clothing choice for stylish men. Makia's focus is on simplistic designs with a robust build quality that lasts in tough environments. The Makia brand is influenced but not defined by skaters, snowboarders, musicians and fashion lovers throughout the world. Seeking inspiration from their local town in Helsinki, and using quality fabrics to construct their clothing, Makia has propelled itself onto the international catwalk, and has become a popular clothing brand for a creative and trend setting generation. Keep an eye out for seasonal ranges Makia men's jackets at Zalando and stay up to date on new clothing from this great Finnish company.

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