Lola Cruz

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The Italian designer, Maria Jesus Munoz is a passionate designer. With their own label, Lola Cruz went made her childhood dream come true. Her collection is the perfect balance between designs, finest materials that are chosen with love. Lola Cruz 'philosophy and mission is to listen to the needs and desires of modern women and to satisfy them. The hot offenders, with the sexy-sounding brand name Lola Cruz stands for independence, individuality, and sensuality! The greatest demand for Lola Cruz has been in her native country Italy, which also stands as suitable for "Amore"and "Dolce Vita ". But women's hearts beats for Lola Cruz in other countries too. The brand Lola Cruz expanded internationally in the shortest possible time. Thus, the designer Maria Jesus Munoz received the award "Woman Entrepreneur by the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia" in 2009 for her excellent company Lola Cruz. The sexy women's shoes are available in either the classical form of pretty pumps or in the current form of a constriction in college-style. Of course, the pretty well-formed heel may never be absent. There are also flat types available in the current Lola Cruz collection, as for example, in the form of a Ballerina or strappy heels. Lola Cruz - another declaration of love for the woman! Here, on Zalando, you can pick your dream pair of Lola Cruz. It will be difficult, since each pair of Lola Cruz has its own charm. In addition, the gems are delivered straight to your home with free shipping. Lola Cruz, fall in love again, fall in love with your femininity.