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BONO - Sandals - ginger blanco/ginger cielo/ginger nude/oro MURUA - High heeled sandals - ginger humo/opac laton VALORA - High heels - sharol rubor/sharol humo/oro RUSH - High heels - sweet nude/miro nude BELLA - Slingback ballet pumps - sweet blanco EBRO - Classic heels - miro salinas/qeen cava/oro EBRO - Classic heels - marfil/sweet cipria VALLE - High heeled ankle boots - star nero RUSMIL - High heeled ankle boots - braun/glitter braun RUSGOPIN - High heeled ankle boots - pizzarra RUSH - High heels - sweet rubor/oro RUSCOPIN - High heels - miro nero REY - High heels - luxor nero/ginger nero/nero RUSH - High heels - ginger rioja/luxor rioja/oro claro EBROGO - Boots - luxor nero/ginger nero RUBRICA - High heeled ankle boots - nero/oro RUSCOPIN - High heels - miro river/baltico BELGO - Ballet pumps - baltico/oro rosa EBRO - Ankle boots - nero/glitter acero RUBRICA - High heeled ankle boots - wine RUSH - High heeled ankle boots - nero/oro EBROGO - Classic heels - make/multimetall BELGO - Ballet pumps - topo/luxor topo/oro rosa BELGO - Ballet pumps - miro wine/queen/rioja/oro claro BELGO - Ballet pumps - charol bizarra/luxor face/ad oro claro BELGO - Ballet pumps - nero/luxor nero/multimetall RUSH - High heels - star cava RIMARC - Sandals - humo MURIETA - High heeled sandals - tristan XARENI - High heeled sandals - humo VALGO - High heels - ante/rubor/grey XANAT - High heeled sandals - rubor/atenea canela REA - High heels - rubor/sweet unico RAMAL - High heels - rubor RITUAL - High heels - sweetsalinas/pasado/pastel BALBINA - Sandals - salinas/nude/rubor/sweet rubor BONO - Sandals - charol salinos/grey/rubor/oro RUSH - High heels - nero EBRO - Classic heels - opera/face/oro RUSH - High heels - ginger bizzara/charol bizzara/nero RUSH - High heels - bizzara/gris/nero VALLE - High heeled ankle boots - topo RUSH - High heels - lumi baltico RUSH - High heels - nero EBRO - Classic heels - rioja/bedreria RUSH - High heels - topo/luxor topo/oro rosa RAMIREZ - High heels - galaxia avorio/unico YUMALAY - High heeled sandals - sweet/blando/lai/pastel CELILIA - Classic heels - pala sweet salinas

Lodi shoes are different. And only the true trendsetter who has the look and feel for the special knows this. Lodi shoes want to be admired – and the more than 30 year old successful Spanish company from Alicante gladly admits this! With the Lodi shoes, a woman walks through the office and the rhythm of her heels show her pure self-confidence and sex appeal. But sometimes the mere admiration is not enough for the exceptionally beautiful shoes from Lodi. You want to be noticed, and stand out. In particular, the Lodi bridal shoes, the Lodi cult label itself will be the soul of any wedding celebration and turn the bride into a princess. In Spain alone, over 1,500 stores sell the high quality fashionable shoes of Lodi and the cult brand is found in more than 35 countries. The Lodi brand stands for uncompromising elegance, stunning design and the highest quality since its establishment. Much ado and great enthusiasm was there, as the shoe manufacturer Lodi brought out its bride's shoe collection: Like all other fashionable shoes, Lodi attracts with its unique collection of whimsical peep toes and inward incorporated and outwardly visible platform soles. This combined with beautiful soles heels of robust and fine materials makes the Lodi shoes so unique. The label Lodi understands how to put the benefits of a woman in the best light, because the pretty heels - often made from high quality wood - and the platform soles are not only trendy this season and look great but they also extend each leg optically in an elegant way. Whether romantic, eclectic or top fashion fresh from the catwalk, there is always something for everyone in the Lodi shoe collection. Discover here in the Zalando shop the stunning collection of Lodi and order with free shipping! The return shipping is also free as always on Zalando! Lodi - so you can walk confidently and super sexy!