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2370 items
2370 items

Enjoy the casual comfort of a new pair of loafers from Zalando

Loafers are the most iconic slip on shoe around. This style of footwear had its heydey in the 1930s. It was in this decade that straps started to appear across the front of the loafer. As well as serving a decorative function, this strap was also used to secure small items, especially pennies. That is why loafers with this decoration on are often called 'penny loafers'. The items in our collection of loafers boast a wide array of other design details however. Whether you are looking for something with eye catching tassels, a shiny buckle, or a glamorous bow, you are sure to find inspiration for your new wardrobe addition here.

Complete any outfit with something special from this collection of loafers

A pair of stylish loafers is the ideal way to add a chic finishing touch to a casual ensemble. We have loafers in this range that are suitable for men, women, or children, as well as some unisex styles. Wear your new pair of loafer style shoes with everything from vibrantly coloured chinos to sweet summer dresses. This loafer range features some renowned fashion labels, as well as a mixture of exciting new contemporary design brands. There are numerous famous brands represented in this range, and we are happy to host some bestselling styles. There are so many different colours and looks represented in this footwear collection. From delicate pastels to vibrant monochromes, with plenty of smart brown and black shoes thrown in too, there are a whole host of loafers to discover here at Zalando.