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LIFE HACKS - How To... Re-String Lost Hoodie Strings

Learn how to restring a hoodie properly with the easy life hack. This is the perfect way to keep your hooded tops looking their best throughout the year. Loose hoodie strings can often be difficult to rethread. Perhaps you have seen some more traditional methods of solving the problem, such as attaching a safety pin to the end of the string or using a cotton thread and needle. However, this can damage the fabric of both the string and hooded top, often leaving a mark. With a few simple tips, you can easily learn how to restring a hoodie with a straw in an instant, for a jumper that looks as good as new!.

A quick and easy trick to help you restring your hoodie in minutes.

First of all, take your hooded top with the loose string and lay them on a flat surface. Thread the drawstring through a straw to create a sturdy base, allowing you to easily track the end of the string as it moves through the fabric. Next, double the string at the end for a better hold, making sure that it doesn’t slip back through the straw whilst you are rethreading it. Then, simply thread the straw through the hood’s edging, gently pushing it through the fabric, gathering it up before smoothing out the creases to leave the string behind. With just a couple of everyday household items, this is a fast way to restring a hoodie, allowing you to enjoy your sweatshirts for longer.

Restringing a hoodie is a valuable life hack that you can use elsewhere too!

This life hack doesn’t just tell you how to restring a hoodie, it also works for other items too. Try the straw trick on a drawstring waist or integrated belts, creating a strong silhouette to dress up and down depending on your mood. Similarly, undone drawstring hoods and waists on coats can be hard to fix due to their small fabric channel - in this case a thin straw could solve the problem in an instant. Alternatively, this technique would also work well for drawstring or laundry bags, that might easily come undone when you’re on the go. For a wider selection of life hacks that go beyond how to restring a hoodie, take a look at the other #zalandolifehacks topics online.