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You can enter the competition in two ways and both are quick and easy.

1. Find your own creative life hack using a straw.


2. Comment where/ how you could use a straw - on the beach, for arts and crafts, on holiday, sitting in the sun… or any other crafty ways to use the straw you can think of!

✘ Then share your entry (1. or 2.) in a blog post or on social media under the hastag #zalandolifehacks and send us an email with the subject line 'Zalando UK - Life Hack' to to submit your entry.

✘ We will pick our two most creative answers and the winners will each receive a £500 Zalando voucher. All the important details and terms & conditions can be found here

LIFE HACKS - How To... Fit More into Your Suitcase

Make the most of your holiday wardrobe with these handy packing tips. When you’re ready to take off, the last thing you want to be worried about is packing your suitcase. If there are too many items crammed into a small space, it could actually damage your clothes or make them too creased to wear when you arrive at your final destination. Packing your clothes properly means that you don’t have to iron or steam your clothes on arrival, allowing you to unpack in a few minutes, and even change straight away if you want to. Whether you love to travel light or you prefer to pack everything to be prepared for every situation, this short life hack reveals all the packing tips you need for a hassle free trip.

Learn how to pack your suitcase with this useful life hack

If you want to know how to pack a suitcase properly, enabling you to fit more in for your holidays, then look no further. First of all, lay out all of the clothes that you are planning on taking on a flat surface, with your empty suitcase laid out before you. Use the space inside your shoes for socks and underwear, placing your shoes at the bottom of your suitcase. You could even place them inside a laundry or plastic bag to keep the rest of your clothes clean when you’re on the go. Next, roll up any clothes made from cotton, linen and wool to avoid creases, from cashmere jumpers and lightweight scarves to woollen jackets and tops. Don’t roll your smart shirts, blouses or dresses - instead fold each item into each other to keep the fabrics as smooth and crease-free as possible, hanging them up when you arrive at your destination. Once you’ve mastered the art of packing properly, you’ll find you’re able to squeeze much more into your case than before - a lifesaver when you’re trying to cram in those souvenirs and mementos or can’t decide which outfits to leave at home.

Make packing your suitcase hassle free with these simple tips

Make room for all your favourite outfits whilst on holiday, fitting everything into a small space without having to compromise on wardrobe options. By organising your clothes in this way, you won’t have to rummage through your suitcase to find what you are looking for as you can instantly see all of your style options at a glance. Small, drawstring laundry bags could help keep your clothes fresher for longer when you’re on a longer trip. Opt for a flat toiletry bag with miniature sized essentials to maximise on space. Whether you’re going on a long weekend break away on the continent, or getting ready for a long haul trip, these suitcase packing tips can be applied to both hold luggage and carry-ons to help you maximise your suitcase space and make your travel preparations that little bit quicker.