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Women's Lace-up Boots 16 products

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16 products

Step out in style in a pair of lace-up boots from Zalando

Lace-up boots online at Zalando

Lace-up boots have a very classic look. Whether you opt for high heels, sturdy day boots, or something ultra smart for work, there are plenty of lace ups to inspire you in this range at Zalando. We have put together a great collection of lace-up boots from the work of both renowned fashion houses and new up and coming designers, so there is a great mix of styles and approaches in this range. With items on offer in a variety of styles, colours and designs; in our expansive array of lace up boots, you are sure to find just what you need, both for yourself and your loved ones.

Put the perfect finishing touch to your look with lace-up boots

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There is a wide variety of colour palettes to choose from in this collection of lace-up boots so that you can finish any outfit with some stylish footwear. Classic, formal black and light brown shades appear alongside brighter and more creative colour options. Worn with a chic grey pencil skirt, a pair of light brown lace-up boots forms part of a sophisticated, business wear ensemble or even with a pastel coloured summer dress for a classic casual look. Pick out some lace-up boots in a colour that suits you and have fun mixing and matching it with other items in your wardrobe. Decorative stitching, good-quality fabrics and other embellishments ensure that every pair of lace-ups in this range has a trend setting, individual style. Discover your next favourite pair of shoes in this collection of lace-up boots available at Zalando and add an elegant finishing touch to your outfit.