Hailing from cool European roots, Belgian brand Komono combines fashion, art and design influences in its line of contemporary accessories. Meaning 'small things' in Japanese, Komono aptly focuses on the finer details with precision craft.

The ultimate details - accessories from Komono

Watches from Komono are unique and understated, with sleek minimal designs where the beauty is in the detail. Simple round faces are adopted on many of their designs, but with quirky touches such as the crown being in an unusual position. Fabrication and colour are key - we love black and gunmetal combinations, with straps in textures like pony skin or supple leather. Work them into an uber cool Scandinavian fashion inspired look, teaming your all black watch with a black knitted jumper and dark grey skinny jeans, finished with clean white trainers.

Give your look a fashionable direction with Komono

As can only be expected from the cool fashion hub of Belgium, Komono sunglasses add another dimension of easy individuality to your look. Go classic with tortoise shell frames in angular wayfarer style shapes, or take it up a notch with rounded frames in solid white. Coloured lenses in soft lilacs or bright blues can add a pop of colour to otherwise monotone outfits, and look slick with all black or white swimwear looks.

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