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FAREWELL CROSS - Jersey dress - tree green AUDREY MAPLE - Jersey dress - black LITTLE DOTS - A-line skirt - black SKATER SISTER - Jersey dress - dark navy NONA - Pencil skirt - black BORDER SISTERS - A-line skirt - dark navy BETTY KALEIDO - Day dress - night blue RAZZLE DEZZLE GWEN - Jumper dress - black LAURA - Classic coat - green PARTYPOLKA - Cardigan - peacock green TEDDY LYNE - Jumper dress - storm blue BETTY VISION - Day dress - lake blue CROSS STAR - Jersey dress - dark navy ICONO - Jersey dress - deep sky MONA MILLEFLEUR - Jersey dress - dark navy JULIETTE FIELDS OF JOY - Day dress - storm blue ROUNDNECK CHERRYPOP - Cardigan - black CROSS PARTYPOLKA - Jersey dress - peacock green STAR - Day dress - black SUNSET - Pencil skirt - night blue SKATER TWO TONE STRIPE - Jersey dress - storm blue SOFIA FROLIC - A-line skirt - clay red SOFIA MILANO CREPE - A-line skirt - black TEDDY MIKI - Jersey dress - everglade green A-line skirt - nuit blue Maxi dress - black GINA FLUX - Jersey dress - dark navy LOT - Maxi dress - black JOY - Pleated skirt - mist grey JOY - Pleated skirt - dragonfly green OLIVIA - Mini skirt - black EPHIPHANY - Pencil skirt - porto red GINA COSMOS - Jersey dress - sapphire blue LOREN VALENTINE - Trenchcoat - ecru DELPHI - A-line skirt - dutch blue BILLIE - Day dress - dutch blue A-line skirt - nuit blue SUMMER MEADOW - Jersey dress - black ELLA - Jersey dress - nuit blue PERRY - Shift dress - black SHIRLEY BLIZZY - Jersey dress - black FLORAMANIA - A-line skirt - estate blue A-line skirt - black FRIVOLI - Jersey dress - rusty pink BETTY - Jersey dress - black A-line skirt - black BORDER SKIRT LYNE - A-line skirt - storm blue MONA FLORAMANIA - Jersey dress - estate blue ALLURE - Day dress - black Jersey dress - nuit blue Jersey dress - black ALFIE - Jersey dress - cream ISIDORA - Day dress - dragonfly A-line skirt - storm A-line skirt - black A-line skirt - icon red BREEZY - Jersey dress - black SERENA - A-line skirt - black A-line skirt - beaujolais red

Dutch brand King Louie is known for its retro styling and unique, signature prints. With influences from the fifties, sixties, seventies and beyond, King Louie pays attention to the finer details, for throwback looks that still connect with contemporary trends.

Your favourite style eras with vintage inspired King Louie

We love mixing and matching retro pieces from King Louie with more minimal style, to get a modern new look. Try wearing a brightly patterned mini bodycon skirt with a slogan jumper in stone grey or navy and clean lined trainers. Pairing simpler pieces with zanier ones balances your look. Right now, ballet inspired style is a huge hit on catwalks, and we love pleated skirts from King Louie, worn with long sleeved high neck lace tops and ballet pumps.

Shake up daily dressing with King Louie

Spruce up your office workwear wardrobe with gorgeous printed dresses from King Louie. Wrap styles are modest yet super flattering on the body, and the look fabulous with court shoes. Go for bold geometric prints in contrast colours if you want to stand out, or softer pretty florals for a typically feminine look. Take the outfit from your desk to dinner by adding a statement necklace or earrings and some strappy stilettos for instant glamour.

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