Kids' Tennis Shoes

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Whether you're raising a sports pro, or simply children who love to stay active, kids' tennis shoes are versatile accessories to enjoy wearing every day. Choose eye-catching colourful trainers with polo dresses at the weekend, wearing crisp white kicks during lessons with lightweight hooded tops and jersey shorts.

Kids' Tennis shoes keep them on their toes

Make playtime a breeze with kids' tennis shoes, teaming them with kids' running tights and an oversized t-shirt to embrace freedom of movement. Velcro strap fastenings are ideal for children who are still learning to tie their laces, whilst lace-up low-tops adapt to growing feet on the move. Dress up their gym bag for their next PE lessons with tennis shoes with a strong grip, bringing a contemporary athletic twist to classic drawstring shorts and a crisp white kids' sports polo shirt.

Make sports fun with modern kids' tennis shoes

Kids' tennis shoes don't just have to be kept on the courts, they are also ideal for bringing an energetic twist to their casual wardrobe too. Wear them with soft jeans and a brightly coloured sweatshirt, finishing off the look with a statement baseball cap. Sleek velcro sports shoes are great for pairing with jersey kids' dresses and long length bomber jackets, translating the sports luxe trends from the catwalks into kids wear.

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