If your kids are keen on winter sports, you will want to outfit them in the very best quality boots that have been designed for this purpose. Fortunately, the German company Lowa has a range of advanced footwear that is built specifically to protect your child's feet in snowy conditions. Lowa children's winter sports boots are hand crafted in Europe using top quality leather that can last up to seven years. As a result of the brand's fine attention to detail, stringent testing and environmental awareness, Lowa children's winter sports boots have developed a reputation for being some of the most robust and comfortable sports boots in the world. At Zalando we offer a wide selection of the latest Lowa children's winter sports boots, produced especially so that children of all ages can have fun on the slopes and are prepared for their latest alpine adventure.

Lowa children's winter sports boots - hand crafted boots built for adventure

Quality production is at the core of every winter boot in this superior collection of Lowa children's winter sports boots. Using the latest technical advances in boot design, these children's boots are created to be flexible, stable and hardwearing, with a high level of shock absorption. Our collection of Lowa children's winter sports boots includes a range of styles, including Velcro strap fastenings and fully laced designs. Each boot will provide exceptional protection for your child's foot, heel and ankle, no matter what snow sport they prefer. Find the latest designs for boys and girls in our online collection at Zalando.co.uk.