Kids' Jelly Shoes

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Jelly shoes for kids, or jellies as they are also called, are shoes made of PVC plastic. We probably all know these fun summer shoes from our childhood, when we wore our jelly shoes while playing on the beach or just pottering around outside. The name 'jelly shoes' refers to the semi-transparent materials that have a jelly-like sheen to them. Jelly shoes for kids come in all kinds of bright, fun colours and are often infused with glitter for that extra bit of sparkle. Kids' jelly shoes are not only comfortable and fun, but also a good protection for the delicate children's feet so they don't cut themselves on sharp shells or even glass on the beach or in the water.

Kids' jelly shoes - a childhood essential!

Kids' jelly shoes bring back happy childhood memories in all of us. Generations of kids have worn jelly shoes summer after summer and now, you can find kids' jelly shoes easily online with the Zalando boutique. The range features a rainbow of colours to ensure all boys and girls get a huge choice for their summer shoe whether it be pink, blue, yellow, green or red. The different styles offer unique shoes just incase you have more than one child to buy for, the fun jelly shoes make sure that every pair can be a little different and add some character to any outfit. Kids' jelly shoes are revived every summer to keep your little ones feet comfortable and protected with stylish and fresh designs. Find your favourite today at today.