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GIRLS - Rucksack - multicolour STAR WARS MIT 3D EFFEKT - Rucksack - dark blue Rucksack - rainbow multi THE LOCKER - Rucksack - port royale Rucksack - little tree fox Rucksack - black ALLOVER PRINTED BACK PACK - Rucksack - multi-coloured Rucksack - floral brights Rucksack - spaceman Rucksack - mehrfarbig MEDIUM BACKPACK - Rucksack - jet black BACK TO SCHOOL BACKPACK - Rucksack - combo KIDS UNISEX PREPPY SQUARE - Rucksack - blue SQUAD - Rucksack - black BIG - Rucksack - skate BASIC BACKPACK - Rucksack - purple BASIC BACKPACK - Rucksack - blue CORPORATE GIRL BACKPACK GLITTER - Rucksack - grey PROSCHOOL HERITAGE LOGO - Rucksack - blue STAR WARS - Rucksack - schwarz CARS MIT SEITENTASCHEN - Rucksack - dark blue LITTLE JOE - Rucksack - green navajo KIDS ORIGINAL BACKPACK - Rucksack - ocean blue Rucksack - noble red/black BASIC BACKPACK - Rucksack - green Rucksack - black/dark grey/white BERKELEY S - Rucksack - dark iron BACK TO SCHOOL - Rucksack - navy KIDS CROXLEY - Rucksack - golden amber POWER IV - Rucksack - black/utility black KIDS FUN LARGE - Rucksack - red KIDS ORIGINAL BACKPACK - Rucksack - military red KIDS ORIGINAL BACKPACK - Rucksack - black KIDS UNISEX PREPPY SQUARE - Rucksack - denim LITTLE JOE - Rucksack - grapefruit OY - Rucksack - darkred BIG BACKPACK - Rucksack - green BIG BACKPACK - Rucksack - anthrazit BASIC - Rucksack - pink CORPORATE BOY - Rucksack - blue NOICE - Rucksack - white NOICE - Rucksack - pink GIRL BACKPACK - Rucksack - blue PRINTED GIRL BACKPACK - Rucksack - grey marl BOY BACKPACK - Rucksack - blue THE BREED - Rucksack - duck camo UNI - Rucksack - green CAMPUS TREND - Rucksack - dark grey CAMPUS BACKPACK - Rucksack - blue champbray nylon 4KIDS MEDIUM BACKPACK ABOUT FRIENDS - Rucksack - melange blue BANNER STRIPE 3 - Rucksack - navy/red/gold KIDS ORIGINAL BACKPACK - Rucksack - bright pink KIDS ORIGINAL BACKPACK - Rucksack - orange KIDS ORIGINAL BACKPACK - Rucksack - yellow STAR WARS - Rucksack - petrol SCHNECK - Rucksack - marine OY - Rucksack - marine COLOURFUL BACKPACK EMBROIDERY - Rucksack - combo BERKELEY S - Rucksack - dark ruby Rucksack - marine

Kid-friendly prints and practical school colours are the highlight of our kids' rucksacks edit. Wherever your kids are headed this autumn and winter these tough designs will definitely keep up with them.

Kids' rucksacks - fun and practical schoolmates

Rucksacks in funky prints and different shapes have been hot catwalk topics lately, a trend that has filtered down to your fashion-conscious kids. This edit of kids' rucksacks has everything from bags for school lunches to sports kit and weekend sleepovers to holiday travel, all brightened up with a rainbow palette of colours. Delicate polka dots or glittering constellations of stars add a touch of pizazz to rucksacks in colours that match their winter coats and school shoes. Groovy animal prints and the latest superheroes please on-trend youngsters when paired up with weekend jeans, sweatshirts and trainers.

Active accessories for active youngsters with kids' rucksacks

Small rucksacks in quirky animal shapes keep kids company on plane trips to winter holiday destinations. They're just the right size to hold small travel toys and accessories en route and then take their swimwear to the beach when they arrive. Bags with pouches and pockets are both practical and professional looking for weekend athletes. These kids' rucksacks have plenty of room for their kit, towels and half-time drinks while there's enough colour choice to partner their outdoor sporting gear or gym clothes. Let kids blend into their surroundings on weekend hikes with rucksacks in natural greens or military camouflage shades. Team with their hiking boots and waterproof jackets for a day of fun activities in the fresh country air.

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