Girls’ Casual Dresses

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The perfect girls' casual dresses for every little girl

What little girl doesn't love to have a wonderful collection of dresses in her favourite styles, colours and prints? Browse our collection and pick out the best ones to suit your child's tastes.

Even as a little girl, your fashion style is starting to develop. Picking casual dresses for girls means expressing your developing personality into your own hands.

No matter what type of girl you are, a girly-girl, a tomboy type, an outgoing girl or a conservative girl, this collection has the perfect piece for you. Pick from dresses that can be worn alone or that can be put over a pair of leggings or a T-shit to customise your look further.

Casual dresses for girls let you be you

Fabric is often overlooked when first thinking about the right girl's dress for casual wear, but it's an important factor for comfort. Pick from light or thick cotton, jersey material, denim, polyester, and Piqué to feel the most comfortable on any day out in your dress.

What's the occasion? It doesn't matter, little girls still want to look their best and feel free and comfortable enough to enjoy themselves while in their casual dress. Sleeveless full-button dresses made of light flowing fabric are perfect for a beach day while picking a dark denim dress with a collar and pleated skirt is a sophisticated look for mum's book club lunch.

Are you a plain Jane type or are you the life of the playground? Now is your chance to pick a dress that lets the kids around you know who you are at first glance. A two-tone tie-dye printed dress with a bow belt shows your hippie-like nature, whereas busy tropical leaf prints in bright oranges and pinks tell people you are not afraid to stand out in a crowd.

Casual wear dresses for every little girl

Age doesn't matter when it comes to the available pieces in this range. Girls still in nappies can choose a baby pink ribbed dress with a print and nappy cover neatly hidden under the skirt. While older girls can look forward to a more classic calf length white cotton dress, with tidy buttons and a gently pleated skirt.

All of the dresses in the range are machine washable. Make a parent's life easier with denim dresses that easily hide stains.