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As kids' fashion starts looking to the latest trends for style inspiration, we are spoiled when it comes to exciting new designs. Whether you want classic jeans or a reinvention of the standard capri, our kids' trousers have got all the style bases covered.

Textured kids' trousers

This year we're all about texture, and that's great news for kids' trousers. Velour is all the rage for adults and little ones, so look to velvety bottoms in bright colours to pair with matching zip up tops or a contrasting t-shirt. Corduroy trousers will give boys a dandy feel when paired with a sweatshirt and smart children's shoes, while cargo pants are a season favourite for a rugged look to combat the outdoors. Team them with hiking boots and a kids' fleece jacket and they're good to go wherever their adventures will take them.

Restyling classic kids' trousers

No staple kid's wardrobe is complete without a pair of jeans, but look to our kids' trousers for an alternative on this classic essential. Soft chinos are ideal for summer in pastels, turn them up at the hem and dress them with polo shirts or vest tops and kids' flip flops. Take the look through to the cooler seasons with chunky boots and a shirt and jumper combo, and you'll have preppy style in miniature. Printed pants are perfect for injecting a little fun into their clothing. Look for combat prints for a rebellious feel, or seek out florals, stripes and star prints for a youthful take on pattern.

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