The Bench fashion brand has become a global name, which is recognisable by its urban street clothing that take inspiration from its Manchester roots. If you love the casual sporty look in Bench clothing, you'll love our fashionable collection of Bench clothing now available for kids. Bench clothing was originally inspired by skateboarding apparel, so if your child loves nothing better than playing, riding their bikes or skating around the streets with their friends, this collection of Bench children's dresses will be the perfect choice of clothing. With vivid colour contrasts and bold patterns, Bench children's dresses are comfortable, casual and sporty, making them an excellent base for creating a stylish wardrobe of Bench street wear.

Bench children's dresses - cool, casual and sporty apparel

Each design in the collection of Bench children's dresses is unique in style so you can create an attractive wardrobe with only a few Bench additions. The collection at the Zalando online boutique combines a selection of Bench children's dresses including fun, sporty summer dresses that are perfect for long bike rides, jersey dresses that can be worn throughout the year, and shirt dresses that are versatile for everyday wear. With patterns that mix and match bright pink or turquoise and black to create a striking contrast, this collection of Bench children's dresses can be worn in summer or winter for any occasion. Simply layer a light cardigan over your chosen Bench dress and complete the look with some gorgeous beads and ballet shoes. You can find more children's clothing from Bench in our online collection at