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The Kent Knot

- Good all-rounder for formal occasions
- Suitable for wide or heavy ties
- Perfect for close-cut collars
- Suits taller men

Ties suitable for the Kent Knot

305 items
305 items

How do I tie a kent knot?

The kent knot, small knot or oriental know - whatever you call it we'll show you the right way to tie it, in simple, easy-to-follow steps...

Kent Knots for all occasions

Every man needs a suit and tie in his wardrobe; whether it is for job interviews, work or formal occassions-a suit and tie is a necessity. When it comes to piecing together a smart suit and tie outfit, it is important to know which tie knot to create, since a tidy knot will reflect sophistication, attention to detail and precision. The kent tie knot, also known as the small knot, or oriential knot, is known for its simplicity, and is similar in style to the four-in-hand knot. To create the kent tie knot, begin by making the wide end of your tie about twice as long as the narrow end. Turn the wide end of the tie over so that the front of the tie is facing in to your body and the reverse side is facing outwards. Bring the wide end of the tie under the narrow end and back over the narrow end. Pull the wide end of the tie up through the back of the neck loop and pull down through the front of the knot to create a neat triangular knot. Finish off by tightening the knot, and adjust it to suit fit. For more information about how to tie a kent knot, take a look at our informative video above with step by step instructions showing you how to tie a kent tie knot.

A simple but sophisticated look - the kent tie knot

The kent tie knot is an everyday tie knot; perfect for work, formal occasions, or a smart-casual look. This style of tie knot is simple and sophisticated - it is characterised by a narrow, small knot at the top, with a long finish, and works well with shorter ties. The kent knot is a classic style of knot; perfect for a variety of different occasions, and a simple knot to create, it’s no surprise that this is a popular choice amongst men all over the world. Here at Zalando, we have a broad selection of stunning ties to match with a smart business shirt, which are perfectly suited to creating a smart kent knot. Boasting some top name brands, packed with high-quality, you can rely on this collection to have something just right for creating the perfect kent tie knot. Simplicity and precision are key when it comes to a smart suit outfit, so the kent tie knot is a great choice for creating a smart and well-polished look. Take a look at our broad selection of ties, and other variations of knots online at