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WINTERHAVEN WP - High-top trainers - great wall CHANDLER CNX - Walking shoes - montana grape/aqua haze AUSTIN - Hiking shoes - chocolate brown HIKEPORT MID - Walking boots - dress blues/sugar coral UNEEK - Walking sandals - black HIKEPORT - Hiking shoes - black/blue jewel CHANDLER CNX - Walking shoes - dark olive/citrus WINTERHAVEN WP - High-top trainers - alcatraz/black TERRADORA WP - Hiking shoes - rhododendron/marsala HIKEPORT MID STRAP WP - Walking boots - dress blues/sugar coral HIKEPORT MID STRAP WP - Walking boots - dark olive/citrus HIKEPORT MID STRAP WP - Walking boots - black/blue jewel WESTWARD WP - Walking boots - dark olive/rust AUSTIN WP - Walking boots - black THE ROCKER - Walking boots - black TARGHEE II - Walking shoes - cascade brown JASPER MID WATERPROOF - Walking boots - monks robe/dark earth OAKRIDGE WP - Walking boots - cascade brown/brindle TERRAODORA PULSE WP - Walking boots - magnet/baltic THE ROCKER - Walking boots - big ben/eiffel BASIN WP - Winter boots - black/gargoyle GALLEO WP - Walking boots - zinfandel/magnet FELDBERG WP - Walking boots - gargoyle/black ELSA BOOT WP - Winter boots - black/houndstooth WANDERER WP - Hiking shoes - dark sea/night OAKRIDGE WP - Walking boots - dress blues/very berry ELSA BOOT WP - Winter boots - captains blue/sugar coral PORTSMOUTH II - Walking trainers - black GALLEO WP - Walking boots - oceania/night ARROYO II - Walking sandals - black olive/bombay brown CLEARWATER CNX - Walking sandals - mineral blue/yellow ELSA CHELSEA - Winter boots - coffee bean JASPER MID - Walking boots - monks robe/dark earth TERRADORA WP - Walking boots - canteen/marsala REVEL III - Walking boots - racing red/eggshell TERRADORA WP - Walking boots - raven/rose dawn HIKEPORT MID - Walking boots - black /blue jewel GALLEO WP - Walking boots - black/greenery JASPER - Trainers - silver mink WESTWARD WP - Walking boots - raven/opaline PRESIDIO - Hiking shoes - black/magnet WESTWARD WP - Walking boots - shitake/venice blue HIKEPORT MID - Walking boots - dark olive/citrus SEACAMP II CNX - Walking sandals - poseidon/very berry WHISPER - Walking sandals - black/neutral gray NEWPORT - Walking sandals - black/lime green SEACAMP II CNX - Walking sandals - black/blue danube MOXIE - Walking sandals - viridian/dress blues NEWPORT H2 - Walking sandals - very berry/fusion coral SEACAMP II CNX - Walking sandals - poseidon/very berry SEACAMP II CNX - Walking sandals - blau CHANDLER CNX - Hiking shoes - very berry/capri NEWPORT H2 - Walking sandals - hawaiian blue/green glow UNEEK O2 - Walking sandals - black/macaw UNEEK O2 - Walking sandals - dress blues/very berry CHANDLER CNX - Walking shoes - poseidon/jasmine green UNEEK O2 - Walking sandals - black/white CHANDLER CNX - Hiking shoes - viridian/very berry SEACAMP II CNX - Walking sandals - true blue/jasmine green SEACAMP II CNX - Walking sandals - very berry/lilac

With 'hybrid innovation' as the brand's motto, Keen is a dynamic footwear label focusing on exceptional quality and durable design for men, women and children.

Stay comfy, protected and current with Keen

Adventure is at the heart of the Keen brand. With a blend of innovation, clever design, superior fit and functional features, this American name is an expert in keeping feet comfortable and protected no matter what the activity, terrain or weather conditions. From hiking and trekking in muddy ground to exploring snowy landscapes in the heart of Winter, Keen women's shoes are robust enough to withstand anything. Shock-absorbing qualities, breakdown-resistant structures, comfort midsoles and high-traction outsoles drive Keen shoes, for a high-performing collection ideal for every adventurer.

Discover the outdoors with Keen

Choose a pair of chunky walking boots from this edit of Keen men's shoes. Go for a distressed leather finish and contrasting laces for a vintage edge, or select athletic-look Keen trainers for a versatile shoe that will work with jeans as well as outdoor separates and tracksuits. Keen children's shoes are also an ideal investment for active kids. Think wellies in vivid colours and high-tops in bold brights so they can swap around as the weather dictates.

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