Normally concerned with pioneering in fashion rather than technology, this brand has joined a growing list of labels engaging with the wearable tech trend. The collection from Kate Spade New York Connected presents multifunction trackers and watch-tracker hybrids to make daily life that bit easier.

Kate Spade New York Connected: your little helper

The wearable tech accessories in this collection from Kate Spade New York Connected work in sync with a mobile app. Once yours is hooked up to your smartphone, pull on a tracksuit and record a new personal best for your early morning jog. Alternatively, track your sleep, count down to your milestones and help make sure you never miss an event with reminders and notifications. Tilt the watch face to your own and snap selfies till your heart’s content (or your storage space is full). Look out for models in this Kate Spade New York Connected line featuring analogue dials for a classic look.

Kate Spade New York Connected: advanced tech with a high-octane look

The impressive array of functions aside, the cool look of these accessories from Kate Spade New York Connected makes them desirable in their own right. A classic circular watch face with stainless steel hardware and straps crafted from luxurious materials strikes a traditional note a first glance, while a closer inspection reveals detailing like chinking champagne glass motifs at the six mark (hopefully that’s pm). This playful aesthetic will pair well with a bright pink bodycon dress. Alternatively, match a watch in a light or monochrome hue with on-trend pieces awash in pastels: we're thinking slouchy pale blue cigarette pants and a tucked-in silk cami in soft coral.

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