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NANGAT - Walking boots - black/lilac INLITE GLOW - Boots - blue/coral High-top trainers - navy/lime REEN - Winter boots - jet black/steel grey NAVI - High-top trainers - jet black NAVI - High-top trainers - coffee CHINU - Trainers - jet black/blossom pink BOTAR - Hiking shoes - dark grey/lime K-LEV VIII HI - High-top trainers - jet black REEN - Winter boots - blue/lime Winter boots - blossom pink/frost pink K-BASKLED II - High-top trainers - velvet red/vapor grey K-BASKLED II - High-top trainers - blue/vapor grey MOBA - High-top trainers - navy/lime LOOP HIGH - Walking boots - steel grey/faded blue LOOP HIGH - Walking boots - blue/fire LOOP HIGH - Walking boots - steel grey/lime BOTAR - Hiking shoes - black/dark grey Walking boots - black/red NANGAT - Walking boots - dark grey/smaragd PARBAT - Walking boots - black/flame red BOTAR - Hiking shoes - black/magenta BOTAR - Hiking shoes - mid grey/scubablue Trainers - white INLITE - Trainers - dark smaragd/light rose CORGI - Walking sandals - semi grey/lilac KANGASPEED - Walking sandals - blue radiance/yellow Trainers - black/pink SINCLAIR - Walking sandals - dark navy/lime MUSER - Walking sandals - dark navy/magenta Trainers - navy Bikini bottoms - navy/white Trainers - black/vapor grey W-517 - Trainers - white KIS - Sandals - blue radiance/lilac KANGASPEED - Walking sandals - black/simply green Trainers - steel grey/jet black Swimsuit - black Trainers - black KANGACORE - Trainers - lilac/magenta Trainers - semi grey XCAPE - Trainers - light grey/stone blue SINCLAIR - Walking sandals - semi grey/dark smaragd Trainers - red BUMPY - Trainers - dark navy BUMPY - Trainers - rose K-ATHLED II - Trainers - jet black CHINU EV - Trainers - jet black/steel grey CHELO COURT V - Trainers - royal/lime High-top trainers - jet black/red KAVU I - High-top trainers - dunkelgrau NERY - High-top trainers - steel grey/saddle brown INCLAS - Walking sandals - black/simply green ROCK LITE - Walking sandals - blue/yellow UK III - Trainers - royal/flame KANGASPEED - Walking sandals - dark grey/simply green RODO - Trainers - dark smaragd/magenta Trainers - white INCLAS - Walking sandals - dark navy/flame KIS - Sandals - royal/lime

Inject energy into your day with stand-out shoes and clothing from KangaROOS. Give your weekend a boost with statement trainers and canvas plimsolls, or wrap up warm on the slopes with padded snow boots and slouchy parka jackets.

Sporty dressed down style by KangaROOS

Lifestyle brand KangaROOS was established in the USA with a passion for practical and versatile footwear. Signature hidden pockets are crafted into their shoes to hold locker keys or coins while you're on the go, giving the company its quirky name. Bring a sports luxe twist to your look with colourful trainers boasting a cushioned rubber sole, best teamed with patterned leggings or faded jeans underneath an open checked shirt.

Go the distance with KangaROOS

Explore the great outdoors in style with sleek KangaROOS walking boots paired with a waterproof jacket and a lightweight fleece in a vibrant hue. Streamlined swimwear puts a focus on performance, ideal for mixing with a striped sports towel and a swimming hat when you're training at the pool. We love the laid back canvas espadrilles, bringing a touch of summer style to your every day wardrobe when worn with crisp chinos and a slogan t-shirt.

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