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Glamorous, rebellious fun with Juicy Couture

It's time to be bold. Juicy Couture is the go-to brand to bring a splash – or an explosion – of colour and flair to your wardrobe. Surprise yourself by transforming your outfits into daring, dazzling displays, or simply reinvent an everyday look with a signature shoe or sandal.

Statement pieces with tons of attitude

Tracksuits are the name of the game. These are the legendary staples that put Juicy Couture on the map back in 2001 – and with good reason. Crafted in velour for velvety softness and often sporting the brand's signature Juicy logo, we 'heart' the eye-catching colours and graceful silhouette. Pair a dark tracksuit with light trainers or vice versa to make the ensemble pop with contrasting accents. Accessories really set it off – we like to match our jewellery to the tracksuit trim.

Nothing says cool like a fresh pair of kicks. A simple, low-key branded trainer lets the rest of the outfit do the talking. To make more of an impression, boots, trainers or sandals all shine brighter from the elevation of a platform sole. Command attention with a flash of colour on your feet.

Juicy Couture was born in the bright lights of Los Angeles. Today, it stays true to those roots, spreading the irreverent, vibrant styles of LA culture across the globe. We love its 'luxury casual' vibes, with ranges including the signature tracksuit, make-up, accessories and so much more. 

Crazy cool, crazy colourful, crazy comfortable

Of course, it's not just tracksuits that have made Juicy Couture the queen of casual wear. We love their sweaters – each unique in its own way. Think pink, think urban prints, think comfy. You can pair with jeans, track pants, skirts or even dresses to get that effortless glam look. Go with one of their playful logo tees for something lighter while the sun's out. With such a wide range to choose from, we're sure you'll find the perfect style that just screams 'you'.

And don't forget the JC rework of the skirt too. Inject an element of surprise with high-rise, patterned denim to bring some impact to your outfit, or a track skirt to give a more feminine feel to your two-piece. For ultimate chill, we love a wide pant, but you might prefer laid-back leggings. Striking colour and print combinations hit the sweet spot too.