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Grammy award-winning JBL are the masters of sound. Harnessing their experience with some of the most iconic music events in history, they've reinvented the world of earphones and personal sound. Blending fashion with function, JBL's headphones provide superior sound while looking stylish - it's music to our ears.

JBL signature sound

Producing audio equipment for consumers across the world, JBL triumphs in bringing the perfect sound to your headphones. Wear a pair while working out to give your cardio some gusto - their in-ear design will ensure they stay secure whether you're walking, cycling or even running, and specialised sports designs are crafted especially for movement. Chic all-black pairs will keep you slick and stylish when teamed with black sports tops and tights, but choose from JBL's neon designs to complement a bright workout wardrobe. Check out our running shop to equip yourself with all the accessories you'll need to complete your exercise kit.

Harnessing expert technology at JBL

Using the same sound technology as utilised across some of the world's top clubs, festivals and gigs, JBL ensures outstanding frequency and pure bass for an exceptional all-round sound. Designs range from mini metallic pairs that sit in line with this season's love for metal, to pure white minimalist designs that will stay forever chic. Luxury features include long-lasting aluminium housing and interchangeable sized silicone earbud sleeves - so you can ensure you get the perfect fit. Tuck them up through your coat to listen to your favourite album on the way to work, or trail them across the sand as you're sunbathing for some holiday relaxation.

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