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Jackets belong to the basics in the fashion world. Not everyone needs a nice blouse, but when it gets chilly outside every person needs a jacket to keep themselves warm. You can find jackets in all sorts of different designs and therefore for different occasions. The wonderfully lined down jacket for deepest winter, denim jackets as a casual accessory or a cool leather jacket: A jacket is the icing on the cake for every outfit!

The jacket trends at Zalando.co.uk are so versatile that everyone can find their perfect model.

Jackets fulfil multiple functions. A jacket is wonderfully multi-functional. Depending on which look you combine with which jacket, you will always get a completely new outfit. From elegant to extravagant to sporty: there is the right jacket to feel comfortable in for everyone. Just have a look at the jackets at Zalando and discover your favourite piece. You will love our jackets!