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VANCOUVER TEXAPORE - Walking boots - night blue TRAIL EXCITE TEXAPORE LOW - Trail running shoes - rosebud MTN ATTACK 5 TEXAPORE - Walking boots - grey haze POLAR BEAR TEXAPORE - Winter boots - vibrant blue ACTIVATE TEXAPORE MID - Walking boots - phantom MTN ATTACK 2 TEXAPORE MID - Walking boots - flashing green ACTIVATE TEXAPORE MID - Walking boots - tarmac grey TERRA NOVA BAY - Fleece - phantom AKKA TEXAPORE MID - Walking boots - woodland green Gloves - black THUNDER BAY TEXAPORE - Winter boots - alloy MOONRISE - Fleece - woodland green SNOW FLAKE TEXAPORE - Winter boots - mahogany THUNDER BAY TEXAPORE HIGH - Winter boots - phantom MTN ATTACK 2 TEXAPORE MID - Walking boots - fuchsia ROCKSAND TEXAPORE MID - Walking boots - dark ruby GLACIER BAY TEXAPORE - Winter boots - moon rock ACTIVATE XT - Trousers - garnet red VOJO HIKE MID TEXAPORE - Walking boots - light sky ICELAND 3-IN-1 - Hardshell jacket - midnight blue RASCAL - Trousers - black ICELAND PASSAGE - Winter boots - azalea red ICELAND PASSAGE - Winter boots - dark sky CLARENVILLE - Outdoor jacket - black ZENON - Soft shell jacket - ebony SNOW FLAKE TEXAPORE - Winter boots - icy lake blue ICELAND 2-IN-1 - Hardshell jacket - phantom ZENON - Soft shell jacket - royal blue MTN ATTACK 2 TEXAPORE MID - Walking boots - burly yellow ELK ISLAND 2-IN-1 - Parka - midnight blue NORTHERN POINT - Soft shell jacket - ebony AQUILA HOODED - Fleece - dark iron ICELAND 3-IN-1 - Trousers - black SKYLAND CROSSING - Outdoor jacket - royal blue BELLEVILLE - Fleece - black GECKO - Fleece jumper - dark steel MADISON AVENUE - Parka - phantom SNOW RIDE TEXAPORE - Waterproof trousers - black ECHO PASS 2IN1 - Hardshell jacket - garnet red ZENON - Winter jacket - slate grey CARIBOU CROSSING ALTIS - Outdoor jacket - black SKYLAND - Fleece - midnight blue TONGARI - Jumper - phantom ZENON STORM - Down jacket - coastal blue SKYLAND - Fleece - pebble grey AQUILA HOODED - Fleece - royal blue AQUILA - Fleece - lavender ROCK VALLEY - Soft shell jacket - garnet red ELK ISLAND 2-IN-1 - Parka - garnet red POINT BARROW - Hardshell jacket - black MOONRISE - Fleece - night blue SELENIUM - Down coat - black HELIUM SKY - Down jacket - granite TERRA NOVA - Soft shell jacket - light sand TROPOSPHERE O2 INS - Down jacket - royal blue GREAT BEAR - Hat - coastal blue PERFECT DAY - Rucksack - rocky brown GECKO - Fleece jumper - black JASPER 2IN1 - Hardshell jacket - ebony MOONRISE - Fleece - midnight blue

The world is your oyster in Jack Wolfskin, the brand that champions the great outdoors and your exploration of it.

Jack Wolfskin adventures

Formed in the early 80s in Frankfurt, this German label is the adventurer's best friend, providing everything from fluffy fleeces and high tech waterproofs, to hard wearing hiking boots and multi-use backpacks. Whether you're a weekend hiker, a pro snow adventurer or an extreme sports enthusiast, Jack Wolfskin is here to keep you warm, dry and comfortable whilst you're adventuring. Everything from Jack Wolfskin men's sports jackets to women's rain jackets will keep you cosy on your escapades. Wear yours with waterproof trousers to stay dry whatever the weather, and don't forget your Jack Wolfskin rucksack to carry all those trip essentials. You can even keep little ones protected from the rain in Jack Wolfskin's kid's waterproof jackets. Created in rainbow palettes and patterns, they won't want to take them off.

Jack Wolfskin style

The great outdoors has always had an influence inside, and the utilitarian trend is here to stay when it comes to fashion. Jack Wolfskin's women's fleece jackets are great for layers outside but they're also perfect for snuggling indoors in the winter. Wear yours with pyjama bottoms and slippers for the perfect lazy night in. Men can get in on the action in fleece jumpers, which also sit in line with the latest sports luxe trend. Wear yours with a bomber jacket and jogging bottoms. Look to Jack Wolfskin accessories for simple sports style accents for any outfit. Woolly hats are a streetwear classic, while rucksacks and even hiking boots are now finding their way into everyday urban style.

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