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Launched in 2004, ION started life specialising in water-sports gear. The brand came ashore with an expansion into the cross-country cycling market, and striking, high-quality kit for land and sea-based adventures now defines this range.

Brave the elements with ION

The backpacks across this collection from ION have an especially skinny silhouette to avoid catching on branches as you hurtle down a woodland path. Yet they also have enough volume to hold everything you need for a day's adventure. Straps are designed to hug the curve of your shoulder, with v-string loops ensuring your bag stays firmly in position. Shirts and shorts made from stretchy fabric give you great flexibility (particularly useful for that celebratory mountaintop dance post-hike), while designs featuring lacquered mesh materials feel fresh, airy and dry four times as fast as those crafted from cotton. You’ll also be grateful for fast-wicking side panels and laser-cut ventilation holes on hot, sunny days; just don’t forget a pair of sports sunglasses, too. Small touches like waterproof zips on pockets show the attention to detail ION pays to each and every piece of gear.

Embrace extreme style with ION

This collection from ION lets you tap into that on-trend outdoorsy look seen on both alpine trails and high-street pavements. Tight, streamlined shorts or tops are perfect for race day, but looser-fitting pieces such as zip-up hoodies or logo tees can be paired with cargo shorts for an Olympian-off-duty look. Stripes are a repeat feature in this range from ION. Why not set off a monochrome striped tee with brightly coloured trainers? Eye-catching typography and graphics give a bit of individual character to the pieces in this range. Look out for triangle motifs that nod to peaks scaled - and those yet to be conquered.

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