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CARGO - Bomber Jacket - rouge foncé ENFANT CITY LUCY SKY - Hat - blanc cass CARGO OH MY CAPTAIN - Long sleeved top - navy INTERSAISON - Denim jacket - navy Jumpsuit - grenat CARGO OH MY CAPTAIN - Jersey dress - bordeaux CARGO JACK - Winter jacket - navy/bleu electric Down jacket - marine Jumper - noir Jeans Skinny Fit - noir Sweatshirt - gris chiné clair Tunic - noir COULEUR BLOCK - Long sleeved top - blanc cassé CARGO - Cardigan - navy Jumper - dark purple-black CARGO OH MY CAPTAIN - Summer dress - blanc cassé AVEN/TOKYO JACK - Winter jacket - khaki COULEUR BLOCK - Sweatshirt - gris chiné Classic coat - ivoire Slim fit jeans - khaki Trousers - kaki COULEUR BLOCK - Long sleeved top - blanc cassé AVEN TOKYO - Long sleeved top - gris chiné moyen CHILL OUT JACK - Winter jacket - navy OH MY CAPTAIN-2DONS - Winter coat - navy CARGO OH MY CAPTAIN - Classic coat - blanc cassé CARGO - Tracksuit top - kaki foncé CARGO - Parka - bronze Trousers - gris anthracite Summer dress - black Summer dress - prune Tracksuit top - bordeaux Short coat - noir Classic coat - jaune moyen Shirt - blanc Vest - noir Cocktail dress / Party dress - corail fonc Print T-shirt - noir Cocktail dress / Party dress - indigo Pleated skirt - noir Shirt - ivoire Light jacket - bleu fonc Cocktail dress / Party dress - noir Trousers - grenat 2-IN-1 - Vest - gris chin CARGO OH MY CAPTAIN - Winter jacket - navy Wrap skirt - noir Blazer - grenat Summer dress - kaki Shirt - noir Summer dress - corail fonc DEBARDEUR - Vest - blanc cass Jumpsuit - bleu fonc Print T-shirt - blanc cass Print T-shirt - blanc optique Summer dress - rose Dress - noir Shirt - blanc optique Print T-shirt - blanc optique Summer dress - blanc cass

The French label, IKKS did the opposite of most brands - starting with lines of grown-up clothes for children in 1987 and only later adding its men's and women's ranges. These separates and coats bring a kid-proof touch to our seasonal edit.

IKKS - the label for young followers of fashion

Its signature and unusual use of black for children's clothing is what sets IKKS apart from other designers. This, along with the bold way it reinterprets adult catwalk trends creates designs our young fashion followers of the future love to wear. Animal graphics, bold stripes and spots and fun fur trims are just some of the recent catwalk themes used in this collection. IKKS leather look jeans in autumn's deep shades are real trend-setting weekend looks while distressed blue jeans give a more rugged alternative. Your young fashion experts will know exactly which kids' jumpers and sweatshirts they'll want to wear with their jeans.

Designs that kids love to wear from IKKS

Let the kids rock black and white for the autumn and winter party season with eye-popping stripes and dots on elegant dresses. Keep a cool and chic theme going with black patent kids' ballet pumps or add a rock star edge with chunky statement boots in bright pink. Boys can work their own party looks in Indie inspired tees and sweatshirts, keeping it smartly monochromatic with IKKS tailored trousers or going for knock-out combos with bright sweatshirts matched to coloured kids' trousers. Fluffy jumpers and fur trimmed jackets let the party play spread outside.

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