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How to tie a tie: Video Tutorial

Tie Tying

Step-by-Step guide

Confused about how to tie a tie? Don't worry - it's been a long time since those hazy school days, we understand. Our super simple video tutorials will take all the stress out of learning how to tie a tie. You'll also find helpful hints about which knot suits which outfit, collar and occasion best.

Step-by-step videos

Half Windsor Knot - video instructions

Step-by-Step Video

The Half-Windsor Knot

This small neat knot is perfect for beginners. It suits a narrow face shape and is a great knot for classic or formal occasions.

Windsor Knot - video instructions

Step-by-Step Video

The Windsor Knot

One of the most well-known knots, the Windsor knot's larger size makes it the perfect knot for creating a smart impression at job interviews or special occassions.

Four In A Hand Knot - video instructions

Step-by-Step Video

The Four-In-Hand Knot

Also known as the schoolboy knot, this knot is super simple and great for beginners. Straight As for you!

Kent Knot - video instructions

Step-by-Step Video

The Kent Knot

Also known as the small knot or oriental knot, this is great for taller men or wide ties.

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All tied up in knots?

Getting yourself all tied up in knots over an important meeting, wedding or formal occassion? Our simple how to tie a tie video guides will take at least one stress out of your day by making tie-tying a doddle.

How to tie a tie - step by step guide

Many men are utterly confused by one sole topic – how to tie a tie. Even if you don't need to wear one on a daily basis, there's no excuse for not learning the ropes. Take the mystery out of tie tying thanks to these easy, instructive video guides, covering a variety of different knots! And you never know, once you’ve mastered one of these four distinct methods, you may soon find wearing a tie no longer fills you with fear but is actually a simple way to smarten up your look for every opportunity. There are a whole host of different tie knots available and which type of tying method you decided to go for rests predominantly on your own personal taste. In this informative guide we will show you how to tie four of the most popular tie knots with instructive step by step guides, perfect for smartening up classic business shirts and casual shirts alike. Take a look at our video guides on how to tie a tie for a comprehensive guide to everything necktie. Watch the Windsor knot demonstration video if you’re trying to go for a strong and confident style, suited to formal occasions like presentations and job interviews, or try the Kent knot if you're after something very simple yet sophisticated. Windsor knots look especially good paired with spread collar shirts, and also if you have a slightly longer neck, as the width will alleviate this slightly, whereas a more simple knot such as the four in hand is perfect for those leading a busy lifestyle, where time is of the essence.

As long as I've got my suit and tie
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How to tie a tie demystified

Our informative 'how to tie a tie' video guides will teach you how to tie four of the most popular tie knots – perfect for any formal occasion or simply when you want to add a touch of flair to casualwear. The most famous of all the tie knots, Windsor knots are very versatile and will suit just about anyone, but for those who find the Windsor knot to be too overwhelming to your silhouette, why not try a more delicate Half Windsor knot. Forming a symmetrical and triangular knot that suits any shirt, the Half Windsor works best with slightly wider ties. Perfect for formal occasions, such as weddings, formal functions and balls or for interviews and workwear, these varying tie knots will help contribute to a smart and stylish overall look. If you want to know how to tie a tie using one of these classic tie knots, check out our informative video demonstrations and for fashion inspiration, we also offer a selection of ties, bowties, cravats and other accessories to suit all occasions. Why not compliment your look with matching cufflinks or a pocket square for a polished overall look. Browse our full range of ties and accessories in a variety of different colours, patterns and sizes to suit every occassion and find the perfect tie for you. A four in hand knot really suits more classic shirts and ties made of heavier material, and if you have a slightly shorter neck, this elongating knot is the one for you. Finally Kent knots, are very simple knots that suit those in a hurry, or if you have less broad shoulders as the smaller size of the knot will not overwhelm. Hopefully after viewing these quick and easy tutorials, how to tie a tie will be something you will never have to worry about again. Knowing how to tie a tie is something people can forget from time to time, but this trusty online guide is the perfect go-to reference on everything ties.