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ADA COURT - High heels - wine KESTER OXFORD - Lace-ups - mulberry LUNA - Blouse - black ivory TIANA - Day dress - navy SAVANNAH BOOT - Ankle boots - black LAYLA DRESS - Day dress - multi MABEL TOP - Blouse - navy multi BEATRICE - Dress - multi MARLENE TROUSER - Trousers - black ivory Day dress - vicuna black BEA - Day dress - magenta multi-coloured Blouse - black BELLA - Cocktail dress / Party dress - navy/multi TAMSIN - Jumper dress - cherry red VANESSA - Cocktail dress / Party dress - navy TASMIN/BLOOMSBURY LOAFER - Slip-ons - black TILDA SHOE - Ankle boots - black SIMONE SKIRT - A-line skirt - navy multi KARISSA - Shift dress - dark tiger orange HAZEL DRESS - Day dress - teal multi ELLE - Day dress - burgundy AMANDA LOAFER - Slip-ons - black SARAH COURT - Classic heels - black BLOOMSBURY DERBY - Lace-ups - mulberry VANESSA - Shift dress - dark magenta LOUISE - Day dress - olive/multi ALLISON - A-line skirt - black BELLA - Trousers - navy GILLIAN - Day dress - navy GIGI - Shift dress - turquoise blue TASHA - Day dress - navy/red SALLY - Jersey dress - black ivory HALLIE - Day dress - navy/white ANNIE - Trousers - khaki Day dress - chalk blue HENRIETTA - Blouse - indigo blue GEORGINA - Day dress - french blue/multi FIFI - Day dress - navy CLAUDIA - Day dress - navy/multi PIPPA - Trousers - french blue LUISA - Cocktail dress / Party dress - ivory multi WILLOW - Day dress - ivory/black KIRI - Day dress - spring blush/multi MELODY - Jumper - black HOLLY - Winter coat - taupe LUNA - Day dress - black ivory JULIETTA BOOT - High heeled ankle boots - black LIZZIE - Ankle boots - black ROSINA - Jumper dress - black CASSIA - Blouse - black CHELSEA - Jersey dress - black HANNAH - Day dress - off-white ESTELLE - Shift dress - navy/ivory SANDRA - Occasion wear - navy NATASHA - Day dress - navy multi Dress - forest green GLORIA - Day dress - avocado ELEANOR - Shift dress - black/multi HARPER - Shift dress - blossom pink/navy TULISA - Shift dress - black

Quintessentially British and classically chic, Hobbs is one of Great Britain's finest fashion exports. Known for its superior tailoring, it's sumptuous fabrics and its graceful design, Hobbs is a sought-after label for the most refined ladies in fashion.

Classic Hobbs

Originally a footwear brand, Hobbs has gone from strength to strength since it's birth in the early 80s. Now it flourishes amidst feminine patterns, sophisticated designs and chic tailoring. You can find the classic Hobbs look in a Hobbs summer dress. Choose a floral design to channel the traditional English rose, or opt for modern geometric and stripe fabrics for a fresh take on summer wear. Hobbs is the perfect brand for wedding guests, choose from floaty chiffon dresses that evoke romance, to smart shift dresses that'll keep you chic for a special occasion.

Hobbs at the office

For workwear with a twist, Hobbs is definitely the brand to come to. You'll find superb cuts amidst the collection of work dresses from Hobbs, which show the label's flair for a classic staple. Finely tailored trousers will give you a more androgynous take on workwear but still with Hobbs' signature femininity, and you can team them with floaty blouses and soft knitwear for a feminine finishing touch. Look to Hobbs' pencil skirts for an outfit that means business and tuck in a Hobbs vest top for an elegant silhouette for the office and beyond.

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