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Let yourself be taken to the wonderful world of Hello Kitty! Hello Kitty captures every heart by storm! In 1974 the kitten Hello Kitty was invented by the Sanrio toy designer Yuko Shimizu, and since then many rooms of small and big girls couldn't be imagined without it. The very first Hello Kitty product which came on the market was an adorable wallet. Times have changed dramatically for Hello Kitty as now there are more than 22,000 different Hello Kitty products, like Hello Kitty shoes or fashion which is bought and loved all over the world. And over time, Hello Kitty gained many friends: Hello Kitty's twin sister Mimmy and Hello Kitty pets have also been added to the product range.Hello Kitty is therefore the most successful cat in the world and the lucky streak doesn't end yet. About two years ago Hello Kitty was chosen as Goodwill Ambassador for the Japanese Tourism by the Ministry for land, infrastructure, traffic and tourism. Hello Kitty has therefore managed to purr herself not only into the hearts of many children but also mature politicians! And the success story for Hello Kitty continues. In Japan, Hello Kitty became the figurehead for many cool, young bands and even models have already created fabulous fashionable Hello Kitty own creations. Who would have thought more than 30 years ago that a small, shy kitten would spread around the world? Today, Hello Kitty is a true cult figure for all young and young-at-heart fans without which life would only be half as colourful. You can discover the world of Hello Kitty online on and let yourself and your little ones be enchanted. If you have any questions please contact our free Service Hotline on 0203 059 8139 and we will be pleased to assist you. Hello Kitty - the kitten to fall in love with.