Nothing speaks of pure quality like hand stitched shoes, and this is a process that has built the reputation of the French shoe brand Hardrige. With a history that goes back over a hundred years, the company prides itself in producing finely handcrafted men's shoes that cannot be matched in quality. Originally specialising in making walking boots and army boots, Hardrige eventually developed a fashionable footwear range that was suitable for wearing around town. The brand continues to produce classic shoes, including slip ons, and boat shoes, which are designed and created to perfection, offering the wearer superior quality of workmanship and a supremely comfortable shoe. Hardrige men's moccasins are a brilliant choice for any formal event. You can find the very latest designs in our online catalogue at

Hardrige - finely handcrafted men's footwear

Hardrige uses a special welted process, which seals the shoe with chain stitches, resulting in a waterproof sole that moulds to the shape of the foot. Hardrige men's shoes are handcrafted for pure comfort, and the combination of fine leather and hand stitching provides an elegant finish. Our collection of Hardrige men's shoes offers a range of attractive colours that can be combined with any sophisticated outfit, whether you're off on a cruise around the Med, or you prefer a round of golf. Choose a stylish pair of Hardrige men's boat shoes for wearing with your favourite pair of shorts and match them with a classic polo shirt. Whether you prefer a laid back style or you like to be formally dressed, this collection of men's shoes offers superb companions to this season's wardrobe. Find more shoe styles in our online catalogue at

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