Watch them GRO into their style

Kids' clothing is often overlooked by the bigger, flashier designers. Frustrated by the lack of options for your children? Trying to find their favourite style in a size that fits them? That's where GRO comes in. Turn to this brand for cool, colourful, comfortable clothes that kids will want to wear. Your little ones will be the envy – and the fashion focal point – of the playground.

Give your girl the grace and glamour she deserves

GRO's range is all about classic clothing that will make a girl feel grown-up and special. Flounced dresses are gorgeous glamorous fun. Floral patterns really bring them to life. Pair with petal-print leggings to complete the kit. Go with a jersey dress if your kid is less into frills. Sleeves are more formal, while sleeveless variants bring in a laidback, warm-weather vibe.

Long skirts go superbly with sweatshirts. You can get matching patterns to synchronise the set, or, if your little one is all about expressing her creative energy, let her mix and match to her heart's content. We love jumpsuits for slightly older kids, since they're essentially one-piece outfits, and look great while requiring literally no work to put together.

There are loads of options for teeny tiny ones too. A baby suit must be functional, but it doesn't have to be boring – in fact, it looks pretty stylish in navy blue with an abstract print.

Based in Odense,  Denmark, children's fashion brand GRO takes its name from the Danish word for 'grow'. Its designers are inspired by the magic and mystery of a child’s journey through the early stages of life to conjure up stylish gear for newborns to ten-year-olds.

Boisterous, bold clothes for boys

We’ve fallen for GRO's awesome range of sweatshirts. There are tons of playful prints, so there's sure to be one that delights and excites your little sprite. Well-made, expertly crafted and high quality, they can stand up to everyday wear and tear, too. 

Tracksuit bottoms are ideal for any kid. They can accommodate sudden growth spurts, so you won't have to keep buying new ones. Deck your lad out head to toe with a matching sweater. Mixing and matching is also easy and fun, as there are so many pieces to match and mix with. For warmer weather, go with a pair of shorts, and apply the same styling rules.