Motion is at the forefront of design when it comes to Gore Bike Wear. Whether you’re clocking up the miles or racing across the track, this range has everything you need to optimise your performance.

Gore Bike Wear: clothing for winners

Gore Bike Wear combines the latest technology and cutting-edge design to provide sportsmen and women with pieces that will help them achieve their best. The fabric comes first: this brand uses the latest GORE-TEX and WINDSTOPPER materials to create garments that will keep you warm while letting your skin breathe. Compression, moisture management, cooling, venting and fit: all of these things are carefully considered during the Gore Bike Wear design and manufacturing process. And with styles ranging from thin tank tops to thick waterproof jackets, you’ll be able to hit the road whatever the weather. Gore Bike Wear's clothing is geared towards comfort and performance, so you can concentrate on giving your ride all you’ve got.

Cool sports clothing from Gore Bike Wear

The Gore Bike Wear line is recognisable by its streamlined, slim-fitting pieces. The brand's leggings and second-skin tops mean wind resistance won’t be an issue as you pedal your way to the finish line. Complete your ensemble with a pair of sports shoes - try some fresh white trainers if you want to look polished yet casual, or go for a darker colour if you’re worried about mud. A sports bag is just what you need to keep your essentials together and ensure your water and snacks are easily in reach. If you’re lucky enough to be riding on a super sunny day, add some sports sunglasses.

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