Sleek and sophisticated, Götzburg is a brand that exudes class. As its tagline states, this is clothing for the gentleman, not the player. With high-quality materials and timeless design, you’re bound to find your next go-to underwear in this collection.

Wear less, say more with Götzburg

Götzburg underwear speaks for itself - and it speaks volumes. Clean lines and a muted colour palette are mainstays of the brand’s aesthetic, helping to ensure every piece matches seamlessly with the rest of your clothing. In shades of black, white, grey and navy - with the occasional stripe thrown in for good measure - this range of underwear by Götzburg is just what your drawers have been missing. Wear it underneath your everyday jeans and T-shirts or pair it with all manner of formal wear. The precise stitching and super soft materials make sure Götzburg’s boxer shorts sit perfectly underneath straight-cut trousers, while the vests and tanks are ideal partners for your men’s linen shirts.

Luxurious loungewear from Götzburg

Relax in style with Götzburg. Whether you want to sleep soundly in comfortable pyjamas, or are looking for your next pair of lazy Sunday slacks, this collection has just what you need. It sticks to the same basic tones as the underwear, as well as introducing splashes of bolder hues, meaning chilling at home has never been so cool. The brand was founded in 1889 and its line reflects this with an elegant, grown-up vibe. Years of experience mean Götzburg’s designers know how to craft a fine garment, from loose trousers to slim-fit tank tops, so you’ll look like you’ve stepped off the catwalk when you’ve actually just rolled out of bed.

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