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LIZ - Jumper - granada sky LAVA - Sweatshirt - purple haze VALERIA - Jumper - cloud dancer Shirt - check green TERNA - Trousers - check green GILLIAN - Jumper - cloud dancer SOPHI - Trousers - dark red AGNETE - Straight leg jeans - venice blue RIA - Blouse - rosewood GISELLE LONG DRESS - Maxi dress - tapenade MOXIE - Maxi dress - inca gold flower ARYA ROLLNECK MA17 - Jumper - yellow/green stripe MATHILDE - Jumper - black FLEURA - Print T-shirt - bright white CAROLA - Day dress - black PREP - Print T-shirt - black REAGAN TURTLENECK DRESS - Maxi dress - black copper LULA - Print T-shirt - bright white CAROLINN - Jumper - inca gold MATHILDE - Trousers - black MALLY - Blouse - black Shirt - kentucky blue FAITH - Sweatshirt - black REAGAN BLOUSE - Long sleeved top - black copper ZOE - Blazer - black FALLY - Day dress - multi black BASBY - Blouse - bright white Straight leg jeans - stone blue MAGARITA - Sweatshirt - light grey melange JOSE - Down jacket - deep well BASBY - Blouse - skydiver GISELLE - Sweatshirt - tapenade Leggings - black MARLY - Summer jacket - merlot MOXIE - Blouse - inca gold MOXIE - Trousers - inca gold flower MOXIE - Day dress - wren flower FERGIE - Day dress - multi black flower LIGHTNING - Print T-shirt - black Moxie - Blouse - dark brown ARYA FRILL - Jumper - yellow/green HALLY - Jumper - cloud dancer LOGAN - Sweatshirt - light grey melange AURA - Print T-shirt - bright white BROOKE - Sweatshirt - black AURA - Print T-shirt - black SIGGA - Jumper - cloud dancer MADELINE - Long sleeved top - zinfandel black stripes Print T-shirt - off-white RIA - Blouse - black LIDI OZ - Print T-shirt - bright white AUTHENTIC - Print T-shirt - black FLEURA - Print T-shirt - zinfandel AUTHENTIC - Print T-shirt - samba AUTHENTIC - Print T-shirt - bright white FLEURA - Print T-shirt - honey ginger CARENZA - Maxi skirt - black GUNNY - Maxi skirt - red metalic MALLY - Maxi skirt - black PALLA - Vest - light pink

The Gestuz woman knows who she is and how she wants to dress. Confidence is key for her, and an understated certainty about style is a cornerstone of this range. The perfect intersection of simplicity and statement, this collection is the epitome of effortless sophistication.

Dream like a Gestuz girl

The Gestuz womenswear edit mixes classic silhouettes with a contemporary edge to create a line that's simultaneously timeless and modern. Nautical and floral motifs clash with bold leather and snappy graphic tees; this is one aesthetic that refuses to be pinned down. Try pairing patterned trousers from the range with masculine loafers for a pared-down office look, or make it ultra feminine with some stilettos. Clashing colours are a huge trend this season, so choose shoes that stand out - we love mustard yellow, teal and sultry purple, and it just so happens that these shades are frequent features in this range of clothing by Gestuz.

Gestuz: back in black

To offset the whimsical prints and eye-catching shades of this collection, choose skirts, jumpers and dresses from Gestuz in that most versatile of colours: black. Wear it head to toe with some vampy lipstick if you want to give off an air of mystery, or just add it to a colourful ensemble for contrast. Patent leather is a material that’s not going anywhere anytime soon, so amp up the drama with some biker boots or let your sensual side come out by pairing leather trousers with a lacy slip. Unexpected details like buckles and upturned cuffs prove that Gestuz womenswear is always one step ahead of the catwalk. Just one thing’s for sure: whatever your style, you’ll be able to make this clothing your own.

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