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Affordable, ethically sourced jewellery from Gemondo

Gemondo proudly flies the British flag for finely crafted, sustainable jewellery, in a variety of metals and the full spectrum of semi-precious to precious gemstones. The brand holds Responsible Jewellery Council Certification, recognising its responsible metals and diamonds, as per the Pranda Group Responsible Framework. Gemondo is also committed to using only sustainable silver sources and traceable gemstones.

The Gemondo jewellery collections offer a wide variety of choices, ranging from classic and vintage to up-to-the-minute contemporary. There’s also a selection of nature-inspired pieces and limited-edition, exclusive pieces.

Finely crafted jewellery for all occasions

You can get virtually any kind of jewellery imaginable here. Fine-chained pendants with clasped semi-precious or precious stones are very popular; you can have rings and earrings to match them or choose contrasting pieces for a different look.

Jewellery designs range from elegant, traditional compositions to modern, inventive shapes, combining various stones and metals. Whether you prefer fine, delicate jewellery or bolder pieces, you’ll be able to find something to your taste on Zalando.

You can also spoil yourself or a loved one with something individually meaningful, like a personalised letter necklace. Birthstone charms are also popular items, and you can even buy zodiac stones. All of these are set in silver or gold.

A heavenly array of gemstones

The Gemondo selection of semi-precious stones is vast and varied. You’ll find old favourites like tiger’s eye and the retro turquoise that was so popular in the 1990s. There are also more contemporary and unusual stones, like citrine and iolite.

You’ll have a similarly wide choice of precious stones. If you’re a fan of pearls, we have pieces on Zalando for you. Diamonds are naturally also available, as are a choice of sapphires. You can buy them with an entirely clear conscience, knowing that they have been responsibly sourced. With so much to choose from, take your time looking through the full collection on Zalando, then simply click to buy and wait for your sparkles to arrive.