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Gelati has been producing fashionable clothing for babies and young children for almost thirty years. Established in 1984, this German fashion company, based in Metzingen, aims to produce high quality kids' clothing at affordable prices. Gelati kidswear is designed to be youthful, fun and comfortable, made especially for children to enjoy and wear. All of the design and development that goes into creating this collection takes place at the company's head office in Metzingen, where a huge selection of children's clothing is designed and produced. If you love to pamper your little one with quality fabrics and bright, stylish designs, then our fabulous range of Gelati Kidswear children's shirts and tops is the perfect place to start.

Gelati Kidswear dresses - premium quality clothing for perfect pampered style

The quality of Gelati kidswear has become self-evident over the years, as many items of clothing are passed down from one generation to the next. The workmanship involved in creating of Gelati Kidswear children's clothing ensures that they are always long-lasting and extremely comfortable to wear. Our collection features a huge range of contemporary designs in which children can play and have fun. Choose funky Gelati Kidswear children's underwear and nightwear as stylish undergarments for babies or as sleepwear for toddlers and older children. Gelati places convenience and comfort at the top of their priorities for every stylish garment, so parents can be confident that Gelati kidswear fits correctly, allowing children to move about unhindered. It's never too late to introduce your child to high quality clothing, tailored especially for young children in mind, and with our collection of Gelati Kidswear there are endless ways to create a stylish children's wardrobe. You can discover the full range here at

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