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Fire up your fashion imagination with GCDS

GCDS offers an imaginative take on clothing and accessories, combining bold colours with innovative cuts and designs. If you like an ultra-modern look with a quirky edge, this is a fashion brand for you. It’s fresh and young, adding a playful element to every item.

For instance, GCDS has given the basic cardigan a make-over, cropping it to the midriff and giving it a low-cut V-neck with a chest hook fastening. Add a mixture of bright hues and the result is a unique summer garment that you can wear to the trendiest clubs.

Similarly, a long T-shirt with an asymmetrical hem can transform into a cool and comfortable dress made from a cotton jersey knit. In this way, the brand gives each item its own identity that stands out from the rest – be it a sun hat with perky horns or a turtleneck jumper with overly long sleeves to cover your hands.

Individuality in every item of GCDS clothing

Everyone can feel a sense of individual style in GCDS clothing – it’s an integral part of the brand’s ethos. Take their fruit wrapped dress. On top, it’s a wide-sleeved T-shirt, while the bottom is a short, wrapped dress, giving you a single jersey dress finished off with rhinestone detailing. You can also get sleeveless versions.

Another wonderful example is the GCDS crystal drops dress design. This is a mini dress in tulle, with a shade print that’s been given a laminated appearance, with actual crystal droplets. Holes in the tulle break the traditional mini-dress outline and add a slightly risque element.

This may all sound quite haute couture, but this is also a down-to-earth brand that makes unique style easily accessible. You’ll also find plenty of basic fleecy track pants and other comfy clothes to wear around the house, like Bermuda shorts.

Lots of offbeat shoes and accessories too

GCDS accessories are just as appealingly different. A basic fisherman hat becomes an entirely different fashion item when it’s made from tufted faux fur with a pattern print. And a transparent trainer is certainly not something you’ll see every day. You can also get see-through unisex mules.

The traditional ankle boot is given more than a boost with ‘70s throw-back platform heels, and if you’ve ever wanted a beanie with a neck warmer attached, here’s where you can get one. They’re made from an insulating blend of wool, acrylic and polyamide.

You’ll also find plenty of other accessories, from unisex pouch belts to branded credit card holders and bandanas. Each is unmistakeably created by GCDS – if you want a wardrobe not often seen, have a look at this range.