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ADVANT - Vest - pink AILE - Jumper dress - new red ALOF - Jersey dress - true navy BRUNA - Jumper - crème VANESSA - Polo shirt - offwhite WHALEBOAT - Light jacket - bleu FELIE - Jumpsuit - bleu NIEKA - Tracksuit bottoms - light indigo Cardigan - new red ABELE - Pencil skirt - dark indigo LUTINGS BONDED - Summer jacket - bleu FENTSJE - Dress - dark indigo VALENCIA - Sweatshirt - twilight blue GENOVA - Parka - light indigo Cargo trousers - dazzling blue ROUGH QUAY - Chinos - white LUFF - Shorts - true navy ROUGH QUAY - Chinos - true navy BYLLAR - Print T-shirt - türkis MARINA - Parka - bright red WINDSHIFT - Polo shirt - dazzling blue ROUGH GROVER - Shorts - bleu MADELEINE - Winter jacket - digital pink TELLTALE - Winter jacket - flamie CLASSIC SEA - Sweatshirt - off white VIV - Tracksuit top - true navy Vest - dark blue BARBARA - Light jacket - offwhite WAY - Print T-shirt - grey heather AKE - Basic T-shirt - weiss FARDOU - Shirt - pink sand FERRY - Print T-shirt - off white TAIL - Shirt - dunkelblau AIME - Polo shirt - true navy FREEKJE - Shirt - rosa AMSE - Polo shirt - true navy WASHBOARD - Light jacket - lemon zest WORM - Light jacket - true navy AMKE - Sweatshirt - grey heather AGONIC - Vest - true navy BRUNA - Polo shirt - offwhite Tracksuit top - lemon zest KOLJA - Shorts - weiss VENKAS - Print T-shirt - at sea WAYS - Print T-shirt - lemon zest VENKA - Print T-shirt - bleu Parka - bittersweet AILE - Jumper dress - true navy VANE - Waistcoat - twilight blue WEATHERLY - Parka - bleu ANT - Jersey dress - light indigo VESPER - Light jacket - bittersweet ASMES - Tracksuit top - dark indigo Polo shirt - rosa AKE - Basic T-shirt - true navy CATAMARAN - Shirt - sea flower KOLJA - Shorts - navy BART - Tracksuit top - dark blue AMKE - Sweatshirt - pink flash VIP - Light jacket - bleu

For naval lovers, Dutch brand Gaastra is a dreamy combination of elegant style with nautical influences. Radiating European cool, Gaastra takes traditional references and updates them with modern silhouettes and detailing.

Dynamic casual style from Gaastra

Founded in Amsterdam in 1897, the brand has a renowned reputation in the maritime world, producing both casual and active wear. The Gaastra collection is awash with nautical graphics and logos. Think sailor style badges on men's polo shirts, worn with light chinos and suede boat shoes, or ladies polo shirt dresses with clean white plimsoles and a pony tail for a preppy look. Spots and stripes in tones of blue are a key signature, along with gold hard wear like feature buttons, and boat cut necklines on tops and dresses. Soft tailored jackets by Gaastra are perfect for giving casual pieces a smarter edge. Try wearing with soft striped tees or vests and jeans, with loafers or a court heel, for sophisticated

Maritime looks with modern class - Gaastra

Adopt chic, classic Parisian style with a striped breton top from Gaastra. A must-have in every discernible dressers wardrobe, a breton tee is a timeless staple for easy sophistication. Whilst beautifully simplistic styled with jeans and ballet pumps, you can take it a step further layered over a collared shirt with a woollen a-line mini, tights and leather ankle boots, for added fashion flair and a feminine cold weather look.

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