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G-Shock – as tough as a watch can get

As one of the hardiest analogue and digital watches ever made, the Japanese ingenuity of the G-Shock watch remains legendary after more than 35 years as a leading timepiece. Created with the intent of being the most indestructible watch of all time, the G-shock was engineered with delicate precision to withstand the hardest of shocks, drops and knocks – and continues to impress today.

Trusted by police officers, surfers, military personnel and outdoor sporting enthusiasts, the G-Shock watch remains the ultimate status symbol for dynamic people who push hard during work and play. With a multitude of men’s and women’s styles available, G-Shock designs range from the tough and masculine to the brightly coloured and playful, with high-end metals, pastels and everything in between.

How big are G-Shock watches?

In case you were wondering how big G-Shock watches really are, they range from a more elegant, smaller size to a sturdy, larger design that is slightly bulkier. The largest watch in the series is around 55mm, with the other watches being slightly smaller. Rugged in design with a stellar quality that complements their size, these watches work well with utilitarian looks, sporty looks, and trendy urban swag.

G-Shock watches are also waterproof, affordable for their quality and offer hundreds of models and styles to choose from. Being a Casio brand gives them instant credibility and leaves you with the strongest watch available in some of the most on-point styles around, constantly being updated to meet the current trends.

A watch for all seasons and looks

Despite their rugged appearance, G-Shock watches have a sense of sophistication that can see them fit in just as comfortably with a smart-casual outfit as they would when complementing your sports gear. Higher-end styles in titanium or gold are available, as are camo or sporty styles. G-Shock not only complements your lifestyle but also adds a prestige that automatically tells your peers you are serious about quality product choices.