Since arriving on the scene in 2001, Frock and Frill has developed quite the reputation for creating hyper-glamorous styles that bridge the gap between catwalk and vintage looks. The dresses on show here are from the Frock and Frill Curve range, designed with a fuller figure in mind.

Feminine dreams with Frock and Frill Curve

The pastels featured across this range of Frock and Frill plus-size dresses are princess pretty, especially with ballerina-style pleating and thin crepe layers. Brighter hues offer a punchier look; double down on colour with matching stilettos. Shimmering sequins add a hint of magic to a dress from Frock and Frill Curve - keep an eye out for all-over sparkle or a mix of matte and glittering sections. Wavy or swooped hemlines are artful flourishes, while narrow shoulder straps have a slimming effect. Pick a dress with stitched floral patterns wound into organic, graceful shapes, then try teaming with botanical-shaped costume jewellery (or perhaps a freshly picked flower tucked behind your ear).

Evening decadence with Frock and Frill Curve

With rich, artisanal embellishments, there's something special about these dresses from the Frock and Frill plus-size selection. Look out for designs with beads that form luxurious, leafy patterns, covering the torso and running over sheer, translucent sleeves. Silver embellishments make for a particularly cool contrast against black and navy dresses (say hello to your own night-sky constellation). Leg slits elongate your figure and are both sultry and sophisticated. For chic occasions, floor-length cuts are formal and classic, while knee-length dresses free you up for some ambitious dancing. Many pieces across this range come complete with a nipped-in waistband to create an hour-glass figure, or you can just add a slim leather belt to pull your look together.

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