Day dress - black bean Dressing gown - blue Winter boots - blue Winter coat - navy blazer Cocktail dress / Party dress - blue Baby shoes - navy Boots - black Boots - black Print T-shirt - light grey melange Boots - black Boots - black Cocktail dress / Party dress - navy Lace-up boots - blue Cowboy/Biker boots - black Blouse - blue Sweatshirt - racing red Light jacket - navy blazer 2 PACK - Long sleeved top - bright white/navy blazer BASIC - Shirt - light blue Long sleeved top - navy blazer High-top trainers - navy Ballet pumps - silver Ballet pumps - black Boots - grey Boots - tan Dress - blue/white Ballet pumps - white Winter boots - grey STAR SEQUIN - Long sleeved top - scarlett 3 PACK - Leggings - blue Ballet pumps - silver Day dress - multicoloured Light jacket - black bean BUTTERFLY - Sweatshirt - navy blazer Day dress - red Cocktail dress / Party dress - navy blazer Ballet pumps - black Day dress - light grey melange Cocktail dress / Party dress - pink 3 PACK - Leggings - black Winter boots - white/pink Long sleeved top - bright white/navy blazer Cocktail dress / Party dress - gold 3 PACK - Leggings - black Leggings - light grey melange Hoodie - blush Hoodie - blue Winter boots - blue Day dress - white Dressing gown - blue Shirt - red High-top trainers - navy Day dress - bright white/navy blazer Ballet pumps - black Lace-ups - gold Tracksuit top - blue Blouse - white Ballet pumps - rose gold Jersey dress - light grey Long sleeved top - blue

This colourful and playful collection by Friboo is just as full of energy as your little one (bet you didn’t think that was possible). Soft textures, relaxed shapes and flexible materials provide plenty of wiggle room, while bright hues add a healthy of dollop of fun into the mix.

Support little feet with Friboo footwear

Running, skipping, hopping … there’s lots to do when you’re little, so footwear needs to be durable enough to keep up but sweet enough to make an impression. For boys (and tomboys), choose a sneaker style from the Friboo footwear range for park play dates and country walks. Team with loose jeans, a graphic tee (superhero-adorned design preferable) and a cosy padded jacket. Girlie girls will love wearing sandals from the clothing by Friboo collection on sunny-day beach walks. Team with stretchy leggings and a long-sleeved T-shirt with a snuggly brushed interior. Top it off with a denim jacket or waterproof and they’ll be more than ready for their next adventure, whether that’s tree climbing, tide chasing or dune rolling.

Friboo: special occasions made easy

Getting little ones ready for that big event or party just got a whole lot simpler thanks to this dynamic and youthful collection by Friboo. For the school disco, choose a party dress from the range for your little dancing queen and match with some sparkly pumps and a buttoned-up cardigan. For boys, go for a fun T-shirt worn with some dark jeans or cargo pants, alongside their favourite trainers (all the better for jumping around in). A cosy padded jacket from the range doubles up as a handy duvet for when your little tyke falls asleep in the car on the way home.

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