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The brand Fox Racing was founded in 1974 when Geoff Fox launched a company to distribute motorcross parts, soon manufacturing engine components for competitive car racing. The brightly coloured race outfits worn by the racers were popular with fans, and the company Fox Racing began to expand, producing not only racing products, but also sports clothing. These days, the company produces a great range of Fox Racing men's clothes, ideal for both fans and competitors alike. For the range of Fox Racing clothes not only works well as sportswear, with its high-quality, comfortable designs. Though remaining true to its roots, and always taking inspiration from classic racing and sportswear styles, so stylish is the selection of t-shirts, jumpers and trousers available that they are also great for casual wear at home, or on a day out to watch a race or match.

Fox Racing - Cool, racing-inspired men's wear

As well as the range of clothing, there is also a great selection of Fox Racing men's bags and accessories to complete your new outfit. From winter hats, to on-trend sporty caps with the iconic Fox Racing logo, there is something to suit every taste. When you buy your new Fox Racing product on Zalando, you'll also benefit from our free delivery and 100 day free return policy, as well as having your new clothes or accessories delivered directly to your door. Should you have any more questions about the brand Fox Racing just give us a call on our free hotline 0203 059 8139 and our customer service team will be very happy to help you!