The Fitbit has revolutionised the sports industry with innovative features that help us monitor and track every step of our fitness journey.

Get the most from your workouts with Fitbit

The Fitbit has transformed the way we work out - it's as simple as that. A high-spec heart-rate monitor all wrapped up in a neat little wrist band, Fitbits provide us with detailed understanding of our pulse rate, informing our workouts and regimens with individualised data that makes all the difference to progress and growth. From Fitbit SURGE to Fitbit CHARGE, these innovative accessories are the ultimate addition to any gym gear collection.

Take your exercise to the next level with Fitbit

The Fitbit has become just as fundamental as tracksuits and sports shoes when it comes to dressing for our runs, exercise classes and gym sessions. With a sleek minimalistic design and a wide range of colours and sizes to choose from, these clever tools can be easily worn with everyday clothing for those that want to track their heart rate throughout the working day. The Fitbit also stores historic data so we can monitor our progress over time and pat ourselves on the back when we hit those mini goals on the way to our ultimate objective.

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