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The festival season is finally here and we're all set to help you get the most out of it! Get your festival essentials in check with our one-stop festival page.

Looking for festival style? Get inspired by our quick and easy how-to videos or take our quiz to find out which festival tribe you belong to.

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Stand out from the festival pack with this gorge flower crown DIY tutorial. Create your own unique design to match your festival wardrobe. Blooming marvellous!

"T-shirt dresses are perfect alternatives to denim cut offs."


Festival Ready

Good Hair Day

Learn how to tie a headscarf into 3 super simple styles that'll be perfect for keeping your hair looking fresh even on the last day of the festival!

"Go for an all black base and make things more exciting with some amazing sunglasses!"


The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide


Sometimes it takes more than a valid entry ticket and a tent to deliver the festival weekend of a lifetime.

Together with Skiddle, we’ve put together the ultimate festival survival guide so you know what to bring (or leave behind) and how to dodge the traps that claim so many unsuspecting festival fans.

© ZalandoRead our handy tips to help you dance more and worry less!

#Essentials – Leave the kitchen sink at home, and half of the other stuff you have laid out on your bed ready to pack. Our golden rule? If you think you might need it, leave it out. Travel light, go hard.

#Cash – Your favourite band are about to take the stage and you’re stuck in the queue for the cash machine. Not a great look. Dodge the hefty withdrawal fees and endless waiting around by stocking up on enough notes beforehand.

#Food – We love a burger and chips combo as much as the next festivalgoer, but living from overpriced food trucks for a whole weekend can be eye wateringly expensive. Soften the blow by bringing a few snacks with you. Your purse will thank you for it.

#Tent – Don’t lose your festival camping spot in a sea of generic tents. Remember to look around for points of reference or accessorise your tent with a flag to make it stand out. Insider tip - Check out the apps that allow you to save GPS coordinates in your phone.

#Charger – Ah yes, speaking of phones. Although you’re not likely to forget your mobile, portable phone chargers often miss out on the fun. Bring yours along for the day to avoid sinking into low battery mode – or worse.

#BYOTR – Bring your own toilet roll. Ladies, we’ve all learnt this the hard way. Toilet roll, tissues, baby wipes – stock up and you won’t be caught out.

#Weather – The Great British weather is so unpredictable it’s predictable. Chances are you’ll experience all 4 seasons at a festival, so cover all eventualities with wellies (Doc Martens will also do the job), a see-through poncho, sun cream and sunglasses.

#Ticket - Seriously, don't be that guy.