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Boho Fashion for men at FESTIVALS


Take a cue from the 70s – with authenticity and attitude. Think earthy tones, weathered denim, cotton tunics, sandals and braided leather belts. Leave a shirt tail untucked or mess your hair up a bit to get some free-spirited vibes.

30 items
30 items

The Boho Trend

Fancy yourself as a bit of an outsider or a rebel? Then the bohemian look is for you. A suede jacket is great for evenings when the weather cools off and of course cool shades are a must.

Taking that hippie vibe that harks back to the days of Woodstock in the 60s, men's boho style is the perfect homage to the original festivals. Carry on the 60s and 70s fashion theme with busy patterns and lively prints. Florals are the perfect place to start - look to soft fabrics to add a casual touch, and wear them with neutral basics to make them shine. Graphic and Aztec inspired patterns bring a modern interpretation of print to men's boho clothing. Incorporate them with delicate boho trend touches such as patterned pockets or trims, or go full out and wear a statement piece covered in the design.

Accessories are all the rage when it comes to men's boho clothing. You can't visit a festival without at least one pair of men's sunglasses, and this season's men's boho style looks to retro frames for inspiration. Round lenses and wayfarer shapes are a key look, and tortoiseshell frames complement the trend perfectly. Look to added bridge details and metal accents for a further style statement. Men's boho clothing wouldn't be complete without a men's hat or cap, and they're great for sunshine flooded festival days. Pick a trilby hat to finish your men's boho style look, and pick out extra touches such as feathers and leather straps to accent the look and add some further personality.