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Fashion 6 top bloggers share their
festival outfit picks


Top Picks

"I really love festivals in the UK. I've done festivals abroad, which although are amazing, can be super hot (which isn't always ideal for tent situations)! Sometimes the rain is a real (mixed) blessing. I never take a good phone with me to festivals – it’s all about living in the moment (as silly as that sounds)!"


Top Picks

"Up until now I've only experienced festivals in Sweden, but this summer I'm going all in for Berlin and I have a feeling that this will be my best festival summer ever! When it comes to your outfit: go for comfort over style. Also, funny hats or sunnies can make you go from boring to festival-fab in a second."


Top Picks

"Since I'm not a happy camper, I prefer city festivals where I can sleep in my own bed. At the festival, I make my own bermuda triangle between the bar, snack place and lounge areas. I wear blue jeans and a t-shirt with fresh sneakers and a bum bag – I know it doesn’t get more festival classic, but it works! "


Top Picks

"The line-up is very important when I decide which festivals I go to, so when I'm actually there you'll probably see me in front or close to the stage with the artist I wanted to see. When it comes to beauty, I'm quite relaxed. I like to look good at festivals, but having fun with friends is much more important."


Top Picks

"At a festival you’ll find me as close to the front as I can get - no way am I missing out on any of the bands on my list. My three favorite festival beauty products are dry shampoo, dry shampoo and dry shampoo. Oh and 50+ SPF sunscreen. Don’t even bother wearing make-up. You know that song, “I wear my sunglasses at night"?"


Top Picks

"I attend a lot of festivals, for the love of music - so you'll find me in front of the stage. It’s the best place to really live the experience. My tip is to adopt a loose & relaxed style: a bohemian dress, a blouse, or a grunge shirt. Nothing is worse than feeling uncomfortable in your clothes when you dance or sit on the grass."