PICKWELL - Sweatshirt - true navy STEEN SLIM FIT - Shirt - titanium BREWER SLIM FIT - Shirt - emerald DENNY SLIM FIT - Basic T-shirt - white TRITONVILLE - Print T-shirt - true navy LIBBERT - Shirt - white MERRIWEATHER - Polo shirt - navy ELM - Chinos - camel DENNY - Long sleeved top - navy JIMMY - Print T-shirt - true navy DENNY SLIM FIT - Basic T-shirt - rain heather RICHARDS - Bomber Jacket - black STEEN - Shirt - grey BLANEY - Polo shirt - black ELM - Chinos - true navy HENDERSON PLAIN - Suit jacket - true navy BLANEY - Polo shirt - new navy DENNY SLIM FIT - Basic T-shirt - new navy CLIFFORD - Shirt - sea front DENNY SLIM FIT - Basic T-shirt - black DRAKE - Trousers - mid grey DENNY SLIM FIT - Basic T-shirt - gravel marl BLENHEIM - Jumper - true navy BLANEY - Polo shirt - gravel marl BLANEY - Polo shirt - white GOSFORTH - Jumper - dark asphalt marl BREWER - Shirt - evergreen THE ROSECROFT CREW NECK - Jumper - gravel marl CHELMSFORD SLIM FIT - Shirt - mid grey BREWER SLIM FIT - Shirt - sky blue BREWER SLIM FIT - Shirt - black ink STEEN SLIM FIT - Shirt - cornflower BREWER - Shirt - Farah Vintage Shorts - light sand FAUSTINE SLIM FIT - Shirt - ripe avacado GROVES - Basic T-shirt - ecru CONDUIT CROSS HATCH - Suit trousers - gravel THE ROSECROFT CREW NECK - Jumper - true navy HENDERSON - Suit trousers - true navy Trousers - true navy BREWER GRANDAD - Shirt - white OTLEY - Light jacket - grey marl MULLEN - Jumper - dark asphalt marl PICKWELL - Sweatshirt - seashell BREWER - Shirt - bordeaux WAITHE SLIM FIT - Shirt - true navy CLARENDON CHECK - Suit jacket - yale HALWYN - Shirt - beach house DRAKE - Trousers - black MARSDEN SLIM FIT - Shirt - indigo blue DENNY SLIM FIT - Basic T-shirt - dark asphalt marl DRAKE - Trousers - navy Shorts - stellar Shorts - dark grey Straight leg jeans - beach STEEN SLIM FIT - Shirt - bordeaux BELLINGER - Bomber Jacket - military green BREWER SLIM FIT - Shirt - regatta blue ZEMLACK - Long sleeved top - true navy DENBY RIGID HOPSACK - Suit trousers - true navy

Starting life in New York in the 1920's, and catching the attention of Britain's hipster scene in the 1970's, Farah has had a strong association with counter-cultures since, becoming synonymous with the forefront of fashion and music. Traditional menswear with urban grit, Farah has all the charm of a true gentlemen but with a contemporary attitude.

Farah - much loved heritage and pop-cultural significance

In the eighties, the brand became associated with mods, gigging and the newly emerging music scene, moving forward in the nineties to represent indie fashion style and leaving Farah with a lasting sense of unique attitude. Iconic graphics and conversational prints on men's t-shirts make for easy casual wear with jeans - add a retro inspired harrington or bomber jacket for extra style credentials.

A distinct look and feel to menswear with Farah

The Farah collection of shirts is one of our favourites for putting together smarter looks with a street cool vibe. Their classic white shirts are an essential piece with a finely crafted fit- do low level smart with beige chinos and a loosely buttoned shirt, or wear with a dark blue slim fit suit and skinny tie for all out formal wear with modern suave charm. Team with super high shine polished leather brogues to finish off the looks with a vintage touch, or statement coloured suede desert boots for bold direction on the dressed down side of smart.

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